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Outdoor Leisure 30168E Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

90% Positive Reviews
Rated #12 in Cabinet Style


Pros: Easy to control temp, insulated cabinet did not take any adjustment to compensate for 24 degree temps when I had it set on 56 degree day.

Cons: Wood box was not on electric coil, not much smoke

Got it on sale at Gander Mountain, the price was outstanding for an electric insulated box, new model has 2 latches to secure door and not the single handle latch that the old model has.  Wood box was not resting on electric coil so low temp had very little smoke, I do low temp & let meat cook slow so I had to cut the wires off the wood box section of rack to let it sit on the coil, afterward smoking was great.  Some leakage around one corner of the door near top hinge but not enough to warrant adding a seal.   So far so good - well worth the price.


Pros: easy assembly, well insulated box, sturdy, good temperature setting control, portable

Cons: no drip pan, thermometer reading does not represent box temperature, pan rack removal required for generating smoke at low temperatures

Got my SH 30166E at Black Friday price of $99 - too good to turn down. I checked the temperature gauge outside the box and it was right on. But install it in the through-the-door mount which has metal on metal contact between the thermometer and door and it reads approximately 20 lower than the inside center of the box.  Probably due to heat transfer between the door and the probe and the fact that it is positioned to read at the very edge of the door. So although the themomter is reasonably accurate, the readings from it do not represent temperature at the center of the meat rack. It would probably be a good idea to either test your unit under your smoking conditions and adjust for the difference between the temperature that the door thermometer gives and the actual rack temperature, or buy a probe for use during smoking. I am considering buying a dual probe thermometer so that I can monitor box temperature and meat temperature at the same time with one thermometer.


I learned with my first batch of jerky that my 30166E will not produce smoke at low (140 -150 for me) jerky smoking temperature.  That was not unexpected as I had seen enough comments on small box electric smokers here at SMF to suspect that it could be an issue. The 30166E appears to have been designed primarily for hotter meat smoking. The fact that the chip pan is suspended above the heating element does not permit the pan to get hot enough to ignite the smoking wood when the heating element is set to deliver lower temperatures.  I solved the problem by removing the chip and water pan rack (remove 4 nuts and slide out the rack - takes 5 minutes) and then placing the larger water pan (that I used for wood chunks) directly on the heating element.  This arrangement may cause over-heating of the wood pan at higher temperature smoking, and if so I will reinstall the pan rack for smoker meat cooking. Now when making jerky I pre-heat the smoker on "high" to get the wood smoldering (takes about 10 minutes), put the meat in and turn the temperature down to the desired setting. The wood chunks then continues to provide good smoke until they burn out. 




Pros: generates good amount of smoke, easy to keep temp stable, well insulated.

Cons: poor venting

This is my first real smoker. I decided to go for this electric because I wanted something I could smoke anything on (fish,pork,bacon,ect).  My fist smoke were a couple racks of ribs I picked up.  I'm not kidding the best ribs I've ever made. Definitely in the top 3 best ribs I've ever had, and I've eaten lots of ribs. I've been spying on you guys here at Smoking meat forums for a while now and did my research. Did the 3-2-1 method.  Went and got my parkay squeeze margarine, covered all my bases. Think I'm hooked. I also believe I picked the perfect first smoker.  I picked it up for 159 bucks at Bi-mart. Very well insulated. Super simple thermostat that doesn't let the heat fluctuate more than 8 degrees in any direction. The crappy analog thermometer is junk though. Go get a insta digital thermometer. I'm gonna do some salmon this weekend and I'm confident that its gonna be a success. Found a vent mod that I want to try if i get into the problems that some of the other users had with this unit. So far though this little thing has been aces. 


Pros: Great Construction. Easy to use.

Cons: Temp Gauge. No Vent conrol. Handle issue!

Well i got this Smoker in Feb. of 2013 i was looking for something smaller but big enough for a bird to replace my small charcoal smoker, I found this one on sale at Menard's and the price was to good to pass up. Assembly was a breeze didn't need any help with it at all. Good construction. Upon using it the the first time i quickly realized the door temp was way off. I always run a thermometer that hangs on a rack inside anyway so it wasn't bad the air temp was about 20 below zero Fahrenheit the door read 170 internal was more around 230. When i was done smoking an went to move it i noticed where the bolts hold on the handles on the sides they had let some smoke release an made the handles sticky which with the help of some JB weld i had fixed it an got them to seal properly.  The lack of a vent control bugged me at first but i have learned to deal with it an plan on making a functioning adjustable vent this summer. So far I've smoked everything from Brats, Walleye, Pike, Sucker, Salmon, Pork Butt, Steak, Bacon, Chicken and Turkey. This smoker has done rather well and for a 200 dollar smoker it's been one my favorite small smokers. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG BUYING THIS SMOKER!  I've been playing around with alot of new recipes that i randomly come up with including one where i used a whole bag of Frito's on the bottom shelf with a chicken and it turned out to be rather good you can taste the corn an extra salt it added some great flavor, I also wrapped a beef brisket in apple an brown sugar with my own beef rub an it turned out to be a real winner. It one at a Fishing Derby Cook off. I plan on perfecting the recipe an then i will share it on here it has a sweet and spicy zest with a nice smokey flavor. If i can win a Cook off with this smoker then anyone can learn to smoke.


Pros: Super easy to use. nice size easy to move around

Cons: You will want a dual probe thermometer temp on door was 20 degress lower than the probes.

Easy to assemble feel real solid. relatively portable. I do not like to leave it outside so this is good for me. It took me a little while to get the temp controlled to where I needed it once I figured out the controls it was easy, took about 30 minutes. Dont forget to do an initial burn the day before you plan on cooking for an hour.  So far have only done a pork shoulder and its was amazing.

I put the meat on middle rack and used a small foil pan to catch the drippings, this made clean up a breeze. Also spray your racks with non stick spray, this also helps with clean up.


I would like to see the temp gauge be more accurate. I have read a few other talking about this so I also bought a dual temp thermometer. The smaller wood box worked great but had to refill it and water pan both after about 3 hours


DONT BE AFRAID It was far easier than I thought it would be


Pros: ease of use, quality construction, steady temp

Cons: grease run-off, inaccurate door thermometer

After first use and learning curve, I'm sure I'll be happy with this box.    The grease cup is useless, as most of it runs down the legs.   I plan on getting a large commercial baking sheet to go under it next time.   I had it in the grass, just in case, but unexpected rain forced me onto the concrete.    Left a nasty skid mark.    Word to the wise:    Crank it up to high when putting the meat and chips on for the first time, but cut it back to between medium and low after about 20 minutes.   This thing will get pretty hot fast.    I also plan on purchasing a dual meat/cabinet temperature probe, as the door thermometer isn't even close to accurate.   Overall, I am pleased and am also sure I will get perfect meat going forward.


Pros: Easy to assemlbe, good smoke

Cons: Hard to hold temp in cold outdoor temps. No protection for heating element

It is very beginner friendly.  I have place a turkey baster pan on the bottom rack to catch drippings. I am going to hang it in there someone?  I will post qview when completed.


Pros: Well built, easy to assemble, double wall, good instructions

Cons: Internal temp gauge inaccurate, heating element not protected from falling grease

Well designed and built, minor assembly required.  The inside temp gauge was 20 deg. too low at a real 225 inside and 45 deg. too low at a real 385 deg inside.  Manual warns not to spill liquid on the heating element, but nothing is provided to shield the element from grease drops.  I'll use a tray to catch it from now on, but hopefully this will not bother heat/smoke flow.


Pros: Fantastic heat control.

Cons: No adjustable venting.

 It is very easy to control the temperature. It takes a few minutes to get the temp adjusted after putting the meat in. Once it comes back to temp I normally never have to touch it again. It is not easy to do a cold smoke with the original chip box. You need some sort of smoke generator. The venting is poor from the factory. I made a simple modification to the unit and I got some fantastic smoke from it. Overall I am happy with my first smoker.

Outdoor Leisure 30168E Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

Outdoor Leisure Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker comes equipped with a fully adjustable electric heating element with three chrome plated cooking grids with multiple adjustment levels and a porcelain coated steel water pan.

BindingLawn & Patio
BrandOutdoor Leisure Products
FeatureMeasures 16 by 14 by 30 inches
Height17 inches
Length31 inches
Width15 inches
LabelOutdoor Leisure Products
List Price$219.99
ManufacturerOutdoor Leisure Products
Product GroupLawn & Patio
PublisherOutdoor Leisure Products
StudioOutdoor Leisure Products
TitleOutdoor Leisure 30168E Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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