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Old Country BBQ Pits Pecos Coal Smoker


Pros: Build Quality, Temp Control, ease of use, size, price

Cons: Steel wheels, no second rack

This smoker came in at $399.99 to be exact from Academy sporting goods.  I got it because of the price and build quality it looked very nice in the store and it had the Chimney in the correct place as well as a deflector already built in directing heat from the firebox to the bottom of the pit.


 The overall design is excellent even more so when compared to the Brinkmans and Charbroils.  The only thing separating this smoker from the more expensive $1,500 - $2,000 is the thickness of the metal.  this is right at 3/16 maybe less but it is nice and well constructed most of your more expensive smokers are 1/4" steel.  However for $150 - $250 the jump from the cheap offsets to this is undeniable.  not sure that the jump from this to the more expensive models is $1,000.00 or more noticeable.  this isn't a pit for a newbie also it isn't a pit for a competition cook either.  It really fits good for the person who loves to smoke and also one who doesn't mind making a few modifications as they deem necessary to make.  With mods this pit is as good or better than any without mods it's a great step up from your cheap offset starter smoker's.  I had to purchase a temp gauge for mine because it did not come with one but that isn't a big deal at all.  


I have recently been looking at upgrading and I have looked at yoder pits gator pits lang I have looked at them all and the best I came up with would be simply to mod the one I have it is without a doubt a great pit.


I'm changing the wheels maybe moving to four and getting rid of the steel.  also adding tuning plates, two additional temp gauges and a second level rack.


FYI if your first cook doesn't go as planned on this thing don't give up like I said it isn't for a rookie.  I had the hardest time getting to temp on my first cook.  I was very frustrated and wanted to get rid of the thing.  However every since that first cook it has been perfect.  Remember you control temp from both end's not one. and with one of these things sealed tight you have to monitor your exhaust a little better than on one of the known cheap offsets.


Great smoker great price I would put this against anything $900 or less. and with mods against anything.



Pros: Higher grade steel for the price range, smokestack in proper position, built in deflection plate, extra heavy duty racks

Cons: Welds and seams may not be quality controlled that well, some gaps.

I just got the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn and love it... scored a deal and got a floor model for $300. But I had a little buyers remorse when I saw the Old Country Pecos at Academy. It's in the same price range as the Longhorn, but its metal is much thicker, its smokestack is in the right spot, and it already has a deflection plate welded inside (I will need to spend near $100 for an diffuser plate set mod for the Longhorn - although that set is a much better design than the plate in the Old Country Pecos to be fair).


I still love the OK Joe, but I do wish it had the extra racks inside that the Pecos has, or the thicker metal. If I don't go to a Yoder after this, I could see going cheaper and getting an Old Country and modding it out. It seems more than enough for the enthusiast, medium-level smoker, but definitely not in the big leagues, nor is it entry level. You can't argue with $400 getting you a ready to go, off the rack option, that can still be improved. I think the OK Joe Longhorn fails here because I think you at minimum need to mod the smokestack location issue with dryer vent tubing before its passable (good news is this is cheap and easy, but may cost you a few of cook space you should have had if they just mounted the smokestack lower - a really annoying oversight for an otherwise really nice bang-for-the-buck smoker).


This is all from an eyeball examination, so I can't claim any hands on experience beyond that. I'd just say its worth a look before you pull the trigger on something else in the $300-$600 price range.


One note, even the Longhorn was a heavy beast to get home. The Pecos is probably way worse. So if you think you are going to run out to Academy Sports and just tie it to the roof of your car, think again. Hopefully you know some strong buddies to help haul this sucker home, preferably with a pickup or trailer.


Pros: Heavy, Easily Moves,fully welded,slide out grates

Cons: mediocre paint job, fire door was welded to tight to open with handle

Overall this is a great grill for this price range. The Oklahoma Joe was 60.00 more and thinner metal than this bad boy. It was fabricated in Mexico and some of the welds look like ray charles did them but still not terrible. My first cook was a Christmas party and I smoked 14 racks of ribs and 30 potatoes. Turned out GREAT! Temperture control was a little rough at first but was on the cooler side even with larger chunks of Hickory in box. If you buy this you will need to cut your own logs and have plenty of it. Before first cook you will need to get the grill really hot to burn off shipping oil as I did. The paint came off of the fire box right away but since I keep mine in the garage anyway i wasnt too concerned, and i will just repaint. Mine did not come with a temp gauge so i purchaced one for $15 and installed with ease. Would i recommend this grill, Yes i would with confidence, it is heavy and built well enough to last a lifetime with the proper care.


Pros: price, quality and space

Cons: no temperature gauge

Purchased at Academy in Austin Texas. had some paint chipping on the firebox (very minimal) and was able to get 10% off of the $399.00 price tag. Got some header flame paint (2200 degrees) for $8.00 and presto, problem solved. Drilled a 1" hole with a hole saw and installed a 3" Old Country BBQ at brisket level (where it should be) without any problems. Does have a few areas where smoke exits, like in 2 corners of the cooking chamber and firebox, but again, a good gasket sealer should solve this.


Pros: Quality, thickness, heat, easy to use, price, size

Cons: Welding a bit off, leaks

This offset smoker is probably one of the best in the 400-600 price range. Of course there are better offset smokers with thicker steel but you'll have to pay a pretty penny for those, then again you can do a lot worse. If you're looking for top of the line, thick steel offset smoker then THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. If you're looking for something better than the typical charbroil or Brinkmann, cheap metal, 200 dollar, offset smoker then THIS IS FOR YOU.

This is a way thicker steel and it is really heavy. It is welded so no assembly required.

Make sure you look over this smoker before purchasing as the welding is a bit off with some of them which causes certain parts of the smoker to have leaks especially around the doors. There will be a few leaks but there are some mods you can do to keep it from leaking. I personally don't think it leaks at much but you might think differently.

Grill grates are fine quality. Handles a sturdy. Chimney is placed exactly where one should be which is right above the grates.

This smoker has plenty of room for whatever it is you'll be smoking. You can fit so much for one smoke. It holds heat a lot better than any cheaper smoker. Being able to control heat is all about the type of wood you're burning.

Overall you'll be as happy as I am with this purchase and this smoker will keep you happy as long you take care of it like the way a true smoker does.
Old Country BBQ Pits Pecos Coal Smoker

The Old Country BBQ Pits Pecos Coal Smoker features all-welded steel construction with heat-resistant paint for lasting use. Stainless-steel "stay cool" handles provide safety, and the sturdy steel bottom shelf offers convenient storage. Wagon wheels for easy transport. Slide-out cooking grate and heavy-duty coal grate.

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