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Pros: Do it all grill, great for biginners

Cons: almost too short hose for propane tank

I'm a charcoal guy who wanted to get into smoking. Even though I cook on charcoal I wanted to have a propane grill for small quick cooks like hot dogs. So when I bought a house that had room for a big grill it didn't make sense to spend money on a propane grill, while still always using my Weber, and then spend more money on a big smoker. Plus that's a lot of equipment in the back yard.


This Oklahoma Joe gave me everything I wanted and with great quality too. I can still cook over charcoal, use the propane to cook hot dogs quickly after work, and use the smoker to learn how to smoke.  I highly recommend this to someone who wants a do everything grill. If we're talking about smoking: the smoke chamber is smaller than a normal smoker. It did however hold a brisket flat with no problem.  For someone who is beginning to smoke, and not planning on feeding more than their family and/or friends, the size won't be an issue.  If we're talking about charcoal or propane grilling: there is a very nice cook space on both sides.


I definitely recommend this grill.


Pros: Heavey duty construction, very sturdy.

Cons: Not too pleased with the allignment of the lids and some of the welds. Smoking area is smaller than I wanted.

This is my first smoker, I am transitioning from Charcoal grills.

My Fiance prefers propane, that is the only reason we got this model instead of the OJ Longhorn.

I have already smoked pork shoulder and 2 racks of ribs, they were excel ant. I did experience some heat issues from side to side.

One feature I did not expect, I can use the side burner to start my charcoal chimney.


Pros: Grill and Smoker, Price

Cons: Some leaking, small cooking area

Still needed a grill, wanted to get started on smoking.  Picked this up at Lowe's for a good price.  Delivered it, seasoned it, and got right to it.  As with other OK Joe's, there are some issues (as I have read).  You probably want to seal it up a little better around the firebox, drop the stack in the smoking chamber, and add a tuning plate.  The first smoke, I used foil and baking sheets to lightly tune the smoke.  My first pork shoulder came out great (although a little heavy on the rub).  Second one came out perfect.  Did a flat, came out a little overdone (my fault).  Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase. Temperature control seems good, not great, but I am working on it.  A smaller cooking area leads to a few restrictions.


The smoking chamber and grill area are the same size.


Grilling area works wonderfully well and HEATS UP QUICK.  Unbelievably quick. Grates are high quality, however, the plates that cover the burners will wear out quick.  they are cheap to replace though.

The main issue others have had is with the hose for the gas tank not being long enough.  I thought the same when assembling, but with some minor placement change with the tank there was no problem.  An issue I still have is with the grease collector for the grill area.  You have to go to the back to access the drawer.  Small hassle.  The larger problem is that the assebly that holds the drawer is not removable.  I had to MacGuyver something to clean it out.  I don't have a picture of it yet.


Overall, a great buy and a great entry into the world of smoking.

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Oklahoma Joe's brings a new smoker to the masses. 36,000 BTU grill area, smoking chamber with an offset firebox offers a "toe in the water" approach to smoking. More: Liquid propane gas grill features 3 cookers in 1 with a charcoal grill and an offset smoker box 1,060-sq in total cooking area: 750-sq in primary and 310-sq in warming rack Three main burners and one side burner Huge, heavy, metal wheels

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