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Pros: Solid heavy unit. nothing difficult to putting it together

Cons: lids perhaps, seals, connections

Im a newb to BBQ/Smoking but i wanted to stay away from electricity and gas. for any number of reason.

I didnt want a 90$ thin metal unit to rust next year. this unit is heavy, solid built, easy to go together, definitely needs the mods. im happy with it. ive Q'd twice on it. new guy results but food was edible.

looking forward to more smokes and posting pictures of... forgot all about the camera at smoke time... ugh... lol

oh and need to learn fire mgmt.

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Pros: Cooking Area, portability, robust design, easy to upgrade

Cons: Needs upgrades to address: #1)Temperature gradients across cooking area, #2) Air leaks

Bought this at Lowe's last week for $429.00 


Did my research before hand regarding known issues and decided they were relatively easy to fix.


My first smoke (to season it) I tested the temperature gradients, air leaks and played with the firebox air vent to control temperature.


Controlling temperature was a little funky at first but I finally got the hang of it.


As could be expected, temperatures in the smoke box area directly adjacent to the firebox were quite a bit higher than the chimney end of the smoker. 

--> I fabricated a tuning plate & baffle modeled off of the one Horizon makes for purchase to drop into the smoker. This immediately changed my temperature gradient from end to end down from 60F to <5F. 

To make sure my temperature measurements were accurate I borrowed a buddies Tel-Tru BBQ thermos (they cost about $25-$30 each by my research) and seem to be worth it. 


I used ultra-high temp permatex gasket sealant to firm up 100% contact areas where leaks were an issue.

-->This drastically made temperature control more linear and easier to control.


I think I'll get a charcoal basket to make clean up and replenishment easier, but it wasn't too difficult using the grate in the fire box.


Overall I'm very happy with it and in the end I will have spent about $150 on upgrades to make this a fantastic smoker.


I'll revisit the review after I've done a few more smokes.


Pros: heavy metal, good qualty, good packaging,

Cons: few easy mods required

This is a heavy duty setup. With a few easy mod's, the smoker seals and can have consistent heat across the grill. Do yourself a favor and get the hi-temp RTV, door seals, and heat shields before you assemble. This will take a bit more wood, or charcoal than the thin smokers but will maintain temp much better. Make sure you start the fire at least an hour earlier so it will heat up and stabilize.
I ordered the following from amazon.
  • - Food Safe RTV red adhesive 2.8 oz BBQ gasket grill smoker pit NSF silicon rubber High temp Sold by: Island Outdoor, LLC
  • - 1/2" x 1/8" Nomex High Temp BBQ gasket smoker pit seal, self stick Sold by: Island Outdoor, LLC
Purchased the smoker and the following from Lowes.
  • 2 - expanded sheet metal 12" x 24"
  • 5 - 6 x 24 26 ga metal sheets for heat shield
  • 1 - OK Joe cover
Look at the pics to see the mods and assembly. I added a piece of short aluminum stock to help seal the fire door, and 3"90 degree dryer vent to the smoke stack so the exit was level to the grate. I used my 1 ton car jack to lift the firebox to mount to the smoker as I had no helper. Google mods for Oklahoma Joe for more pics and videos of additional mods.























Pros: Price, Easy to Mod, Thick Metal

Cons: Leaks until Moded

Great bang for your buck!  Needs work and money to be moded currectly.  I've been using it for quite some time, and works well. 


Pros: Well built, good sized fire box, plenty of space for our needs

Cons: Temps a bit uneven across the cook chamber like most offsets. Opening from fire box to cook chamber is too big, making it very hot near the opening.

I bought the OKJ to replace an NBSS I had had for several years so I'd have more cooking space.  This is a solid unit, well worth what I spent on it.  I've been very pleased with it, having cooked pork ribs, pork butt, turkeys and tilapia filets so far.


After reading about modifications some folks have done, I recently had a welding shop add a deflector between the fire box and cook chamber, cut some pieces of steel to use as tuning plates and make an expanded steel box for the fire box to hold charcoal and wood.


Even having done the mods, I'd still buy an OKJ again.


Pros: Heavy, easy to mod. fire box is big so you can cook burgers or steak while cooking a brisket

Cons: the try up front is a little small.



Pros: Very well built tough still fantastic deal for the money!

Cons: NONE!

Love it I was leary at first because it was cheap and made in China but was very impressed on how heavy it is tough steal.

I highly recommend this Smoker.


Pros: Heavy Duty, good grill space, soild

Cons: air leaks

Love my Longhorn but it leaks pretty bad. I have found however that with the firebox damper closed almost all the way and using the pipe cover to throttle the temp, I can maintain 250 pretty consistently using logs. I also got a little creative with foil to seal a couple of the bigger leak issues. BUT all in all, for the price, this is a great offset. With care it should last a really long time.


Pros: Good value for the money, local purchase

Cons: Prefer Made in America but I did not have the money for the $1,500 Smoker



I purchased at Lowes.  This is a good smoker but you need to do several mods if you want better smoke and temp control.  I added two door locks that push down the door and a gasket around the smoker lid.  I also put a high temp gasket between the firebox and the smoker.  I've added abour $75 in MODS.


The smoke lid had a1/4 leak before the door locks were installed.  The latches were purchased at Home Depot, the gasket from ACE hardware (Green Egg replacement gasket.)





Pros: Great Value for a heavy duty smoker

Cons: It wasnt free :)

Looked at many many smokers. I needed under a $600 dollar budget. This was heavy duty and best built for my price range I was working with for a NEW grill





Nice smoker..

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