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New Braunfels Longhorn Deluxe


Pros: Cooks great, heavy duty

Cons: Firebox ashtray

First off, I love this smoker, it has a few flaws but it is rock solid and cooks great once you learn how to use it. My biggest problem at this time is finding any place out there that has mod parts for it and/or replacement parts. The firebox has this rickety tray under it for the ashes and it rusted completely out a couple of years back, I would love to find another one, but will be OK with just welding it up and calling it good too. Things I am looking for include a good quality smoke diverter for the cooking chamber and possibly a kit to re route the exhaust over to the other side to make it a reverse flow without having to cut a new smoke stack mount hole in it. Does anyone out there have any idea on where I can find parts for this thing as they do not have them with Char-Broil who bought the name rights for this company. Any help would be appreciated. Dave from Milton, Florida.


I've owned 3 New Braunfels, still have 2 of them, and continually search for them, restore them, and then pass them along to friends as gifts. 


Now looking for the Longhorn Deluxe, don't know where to start.


Pros: Has lots of space for your meat, and has very good heat control

Cons: The steal in the fire box is not made to last.

I have had three New Braunfels smokers. The only problems I have had with them is the fire box rusts out after about two years. This time I have reinforced the firs box with more steal to make it last longer.


Pros: stout , price , cooks good

Cons: the ash try under the firebox

had this pit for about 7 years now . no major problems exept for the ash tray under the firebox , the heat killed it and it was thin so it rusted out after about 4 years . i just put a piece of plate over the hole , and she is still cookin . i can smoke or if i want to grill something small for me and the ol lady , i just put a grill over the fire box and grill . overall nice pit .......


Pros: Solid, Affordable

Cons: Could be a little more airtight

Only used twice so far, and really like it!

New Braunfels Longhorn Deluxe

Thick gauge all-steel construction Cast iron cooking grates 1,038 sq. inches cooking surface

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