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meatrake meat shredding tool Reviews

Steve K

Buy this !


Pros: Handles, long teeth

Cons: Kind of hard to get into a knife drawer

No, I don't sell meat rakes.  I just really appreciate how easy this tool made pulling pork.  For some reason, I always wind up pulling my pork at about 2:00 am.  (get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about pork "shoulder").  The meat rake makes this hot and steamy chore go a lot quicker, so I can finally get to bed.

Makes life easy


Pros: sturdy, easy to clean, easy to use

Cons: hard not to hit someone in the face with it

these things are awesome. they are strong, easy to hold, easy to use and easy to clean.  it made shredding a 15lb pork shoulder a snap, only took minutes.   the only downfall is i really want to hit someone in the face with them... :)

What did I ever Do with Out Them


Pros: Stanless Tines, and Long Handles

Cons: None Yet

After loosing a pair of Bear Claws at a competition, I needed a replacement.  I gave the MeatRake a try and I wish I would have done it earlier.  The biggest advantage, is not with properly cooked pork butts, but those stubborn butts that just will not pull they are a god send. Over the weekend I cooked 75 lbs of butts and some were a little less than pulling temp.  I was able to use the MeatRakes to pull even those tight butts apart.  I am a believer in the rakes.  I can't wait for a bigger pair!!!

Meatrakes rule!


Pros: Shred or pull or yank or... with a smile.

Cons: Not enough meat!

I love these meat shredders. I been raking everything in site.  They make me want to smoke more to shred more to eat more!  We may have to change the name, cuz i aint "pulling" no pork no more.
Al Chabre

I Love My Meatrake!


Pros: The grip feels great, shreds meat with ease, dish washer safe

Cons: none

I bought my Meatrake just in time for Thanksgiving turkey leftover. It shredded that bird with ease and the shredded meat made for great turkey sandwiches. I took advantage of the buy one meatrake and get the second one for half off. The second one is gifted wrapped for a faily member that will appreciate this great BBQ tool.   After watching the Meatrake video I was convinced and I needed one!
Smokin PigSkins


The only other "tool" I've used to pull pork is a pair of forks and these are a day and night improvement on that method.  Keeps your hands out of the hot meat, I've actually melted through my plastic food service gloves when pulling with forks so I guess these are more sanitary as well.  Also work great for moving meat around on the cooker if you don't have any high temp gloves.  Use them throughout your whole cooking process!

Way Better Than Bear Paws


Pros: Long handles, easy clean up, protective covers for the tines

Cons: None

Got the Meat Rakes a couple weeks ago. They work really good on shredding. Bear paws got nothing on the Meat Rakes.

Outstanding shredding tool


Pros: As my pictures show, the teeth are true shredding tools

Cons: I've had this item for over 9 months, no problems noted

I've used forks, fingers and Bear Paws and have had problems getting a decent shred action.  I have mild arthritis in my arms and hands so it can be a pain.  The raking action provided by the Meatrake makes it so much easier.  Bear Paws are OK, but these are far superior for those who have the aches and pains of our senior years.  And yes, these are sold as a pair.  Price shown included shipping at the time of purchase. › Smokers & More › Grill & Smoker Accessories › Tools › Other Tools › meatrake meat shredding tool › meatrake meat shredding tool Reviews