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Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design

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Pros: Lots of well thought out information from a Pro

I'm fairly new to smoking, I've been doing it for a few years with a "Little Chief" but wanted to have better results and do some cold smoking, so I signed this book out from my library.  I really should buy this book, the information in here is excellent and has really helped me into trying some new things like back bacon and the main reason I wanted to cold smoke, Polish sausage. After reading the book I decided on purchasing a Smoke Daddy, it looked like it was the best option for me without spending a ton of cash before building a "real smokehouse".  I'm looking forward to some better weather in my area and will be building a smokehouse soon, based on what this book has taught me.  The author also has a website with some useful information too.  Please check it out!

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Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design

Most books on the subject of smoking include a drawing or two, a few pages on generating smoke, and the rest of the pages are filled with recipes. While those recipes usually get the spotlight, the technical know-how behind preparing and smoking meats is far more important. When writing about cold or hot smoke the authors don't end on just giving the temperature range for a particular method. They also explain why one way is better for making certain products than the other. The second part of the book "The Smokehouse Design" contains all that is known about smoker design and is supported with over 100 drawings and 50 photographs. Many of them are detailed technical drawings with all dimensions for building fully functional units. Some of them can almost be made without any costs involved and when ready will allow for making products of the highest quality.

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TitleMeat Smoking and Smokehouse Design
AuthorRobert Marianski
Dewey Decimal Number641
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Publication Date2006-03-26
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