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Maverick ET-732 Remote Check Wireless Thermometer With 2 Probes Reviews

Positive Reviews


Very happy


Pros: Reilable, accurate, probe wires are heavy duty

Cons: There is a learning curve on how to program the unit but it's not difficult. Came with only one probe.

I bought this unit because I was tired of the cheap thermometers at the store. Little did I realize what an improvement this was going to be. The oven probe showed that my smoker was 23 degrees hotter than what the display showed. When I compared the Maverick to the temperature probe on my oven, it showed the same temperature, so it was the smoker.   I've had problems with albumin leakage on hot smoked salmon and rendering out fat on smoked sausage, now I know why. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles, so this unit delivers everything I need.   One downside is that the unit only came with one probe, instead of two. The company I purchased it from promptly sent me two new...
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Worth the Money


Pros: Dual probes (smoker/meat)

Cons: UI could use improvements

I've used this a couple times now.  Once for a boston butt and once for some chicken breasts.  Somewhere around 14 hours total.  I don't have any complaints really.  I mentioned the UI (user interface) but that's only because like someone else mentioned, you have to go all the way up and round robin if you mess up and go past your temp when setting min/max temps. I'll be honest, I haven't read the instructions... maybe theres a better way, idk.   Regardless, I'm happy with the purchase. Are there better, probably, does this work, yep... works for me.  And for those who worry about meat settings, they have an upgraded version (et-733) of this thermo and it...
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Gotta have it!


Pros: Makes your cooks easy and perfect

Cons: The remote needs a better clip for your pocket

I like the alarms cause I can smoke a brisket overnight. If there is a problem it wakes me up to make an adjustment

Negative Reviews




Pros: None

Cons: none of the button headings make sense. To decrease the set temperature you have to go all the way around. You have to set the temperature required

none of the button headings make sense. To decrease the set temperature you have to go all the way around. You have to set the temperature required instead of just dialling up the meat and the taste you want. Not very practical for a high price

I must have got a lemon


Pros: dual probes, lots of settings/alarms

Cons: probes are very tempermental, didn't last, hard time keeping receiver/sender connected

I purchased mine back around the 1st of November 2012.  Straight out of the box, neither probe would work.  Yes, I really jabbed them into the jacks.   Maverick was very quick to respond and send new probes.  The new probes arrived and everything seemed to be okay until this past weekend.  I was doing an overnight smoke for the Super Bowl.  The units kept loosing the connection.  About 4 in the morning the lost connection alarm went off again for what felt like the thousandth time.  When I got out back the receiver had lost the signal because the base unit had melted like something out of Mission Impossible.  The base was sitting on a wooden...
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Pros: NONE

Cons: ALL


More Reviews


Excellent Thermometer


Pros: Measure meat temp and chamber temp at the same time, Wireless

Cons: None

I've used this twice and love it. First it's accurate. It allows me to be in another room and still monitor the temp in the smoker. Very easy to setup and simple to use. You must buy this device. I have the black model. It costs $10 more but I like the way it looks. 

Great Deal


Pros: Easy to use. Let's you do other things while the BBQ does it's thing!

Cons: none

I have used my Maverick ET-732 about 6 times for 3-4 hour smokes and it has worked flawlessly. Everytime I use it, it does exactly what they said it would.

Great tool for smoking


Pros: nice display readout, ease of use, accuracy, dual thermometer

Cons: have none yet

Once I figured all the great features this thermometer has it is easy to use. Has 2 sensors on for the box and one for the meat. The alarm is great you can set as high or as low as you wish. I would highly recommend this thermometer to anyone.

A great little tool.


Pros: Easy to set. Large display. Fun to use.

Cons: Could use a bit more radio range.

I bought mine on AMZ and wanted it to check the temperature of various areas of the smoker.  While I've only owned it for a short while the unit is accurate, well made, easy to set and has a large easy to read screen  Monitors both meat and internal smoker temps.   The radio range is okay for most folks. It won't quite reach out to my garage.  However the garage is a pretty good stretch from the house.  I'd recommend one. 

Awesome Device!


Pros: Easy To Use, Measures Meat and Smoker Temperature at Same Time

Cons: None

I have used this several times and it has performed excellently. Always make sure the probes are pushed n tightly. I have read that when someone has a problem, it is usually that the probe is not pushed in properly or the meat is too cold and it will not register. This item will make it easier to watch your smoker and meat temperature from up to 300 feet away. Awesome item!

Excellent device


Pros: Monitors temperature in the BBQ and the meat simultanesouly

Cons: None that I've uncovered so far

I decided to purchase the "732" from Amazon after a recommendation from my BBQ supply store, who unfortunately didn't have one in stock. So far, I'm impressed. I did a Pork butt yesterday, and it all worked perfectly.    First, the main unit had no problem connecting and staying connected to the sensor back at the BBQ. I live in South Florida and have hurricane doors and windows, which often block cell phone and WiFi signals. With the "732" I was able to close the doors, and still monitor the temperatures of my Big Green Egg and the pork. I wandered all over the kitchen, about 50-60 feet from the BBQ, and it always remained connected. It sure made monitoring the...
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Bought because of SMF!!!


Pros: Easy to use out of the box

Cons: None yet

I am hoping for good results, using it for the first time based on reviews on SMF, so far so good!!!

I love this thing


Pros: Works great, seems very accurate and prevents overcooking

Cons: Counter intuitive for which device needs to be on first.

So far I've used this on every thing I've smoked or even roasted in the oven. I've confirmed the temperature in several ways and it's very accurate. I can sit inside my house on a Sunday and watch the game while monitoring both the smoker temp and the meat temp. It has an audible alarm you can program for high/low grill temp and what temp you want the meat to reach. The only small con so far is the monitor has to be turned on first, while it seems like the end with the probes should be the one that's turned on first. After a few times making this simple mistake you quickly fix it and move on. I do wish the probes were longer and saw that they sell them so that's something to look into....
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Love the new model


Pros: Longer range, On/Off and re-sync buttons changed.

Cons: Probe cords are too short, Remote needs better belt hook

I replaced my old Mav 2 probe with this new version. I still use the old one for meat temps. The longer range meets my needs of being able to go anywhere in my house and still have a good signal. The On/Off switches are much improved. The Re-Sync button is also much improved. It's obvious that the manufacturer listened to the users on the 2nd generation unit. I like the new hanger on the base unit, but the remote still lacks a good belt clip, I use an old Black Berry Cell Phone belt clip/pouch to carry mine. The probes need longer cords, this is a real problem for my smoker. My Masterbuilt XL requires longer probe cords. I want to see what the temp is in...
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