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Maverick ET 73 Remote-Check Wireless Thermometer With 2 Probes

91% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Digital Probe


Pros: Easy to use, Cost Effective

Cons: Not exact on temps

Testing the therm with the boiling water test yeilded 209 degree instead of the 212 I was looking for.  Made a mental note of the small difference in temp when using the food probe for the IT.  Overall a great unit for the price on Amazon.  I would def purchase again and refer to a friend.


Pros: Good range of wireless use in my house - less than 5 degree of difference between this unit and mini handheld thermo - display is great

Cons: Probes and Chords get black from smoker - 90 day warranty

I got this for Christmas and immediately used it for Breakfast Fatty's. Set up took a few minutes because I wanted to follow the instructions and once I got it I was off and ready to get smokin.  I kept testing with my tiny manual meat thermometer and the two were so close that I could very easily learn to trust the Maverick over my trusty manual thermo.  I'm going to do some other types of meats just to make sure I get the same accuracy but so far this device has been great!


Pros: Real time temp readout of both meat and smoker chamber, alarms for under/over temp excursions including reaching target temp

Cons: Leads are pretty short, not very intuitive, you've got to read the manual to know how to properly set alarms (I hate reading manuals)

Overall I love it, would recommend it to anybody.  I love the dual leads, for meat and chamber temps.  I get the wireless signal pretty much anywhere in my house, and it updates every couple of seconds, great unit for the price.  I just wish the leads were a bit longer, like 1-2 feet longer so you could set it on the ground.  Oh well, a pretty minor negative.


Pros: Easy setup, decent range, easy to read display, You can do more than just sit a watch your temps

Cons: Weak probes, will lose wifi connection

I bought the ET-73 shortly after buying my Brinkman ECB. After the first smoke I did on it, I knew I would need a good thermometer because the stock one on the ECB didn't have any values, just Cool, Ideal and Hot. After getting this, I realized how inaccurate the stock thermo was. Only complaints I have are the probes are not the best quality and expensive to replace. I have already had to replace the meat probe cause when I plugged it in, it read 111°F at room temp. I plugged in the grill probe and it read actual temp. So I got a new probe but at $20 just for a probe, I won't be buying anymore. The probe alone was more than half what I paid for the whole kit. I haven't had a lot of issues with it losing connection with each other but it has happened. Usually when I'm in the living room watching TV. That's the furthest I get from my smoker. It probably about 75-100' with a big stainless refrigerator in the I just did a verification on the readings and at water boil it is reading 218°F. Not a big deal. I can add and subtract as needed. All in all, a good thermometer and I would recommend it if you are on a budget. Just be careful with the probes and do not submerge them or use them in higher heat than what is recommended in the manual.


Pros: See both cooking temp & meat internal temp simultanously

Cons: Both temp sensing probes are off by 5° to 7°F

Just got the Maverick ET-73 for Christmas & just recently used it.  First impression: Worked fine no hangups or problems, but noticed smoker grill temp sensor seemed to be quite a bit higher than I thought it should be.  The grill probe was reading about 60F higher than the temperature gage install in the WSM smoker lid.  So I thought that maybe the probes for the ET-73 might be way off.  I checked the probes with boiling water, and used a candy thermometer as a test base line.  It turn out that the ET-73 temp. probes were off, but not that much.  The meat temp. probe was off by 7F, and the smoker box temp. probe was off by 5F.  Now that I know this, I'll compensate accordingly.


Pros: Easy to use, accurate, customer service

Cons: Probe died after 1.5 years, on/off switch location

Been using this for a couple of years and have no complaints.  The internal temp probe died after about a year and a half but was quickly and easily replaced by Maverick ($20 for 2, free shipping).  The only concern is the on/off switch, which is located behind the battery cover, which makes no sense at all, so I just leave the cover off.


Pros: Wireless, accurate

Cons: Range

Maybe I just have a bum unit.  The first few times I used it, range was great.  After a couple uses, I noticed that receiver and transmitter not communicating.  Tried some new batteries.  No different.  The last time I used it, I had to have the receiver less than 2' from the transmitter for them to communicate.


I am not pleased with mine at all.


Pros: probe for meat temp,probe for smoker temp

Cons: on off switch in a bad spot,range is not that good

Great dual probe unit,one for the meat temp and another for the smoker chamber great and has stayed accurate. I have two of them for differant smokers or multiple cuts of meats.Only drawback is the on/off button on the sending unit is behind a little door that holds the batteries in which is a pain in the butt.And the range is not what the company is portraying but its still a great gauage.


Pros: Does the job as adertised

Cons: Must open unit to turn on.

I have 2 of these going on 3 years now.  The original probes are still working well.  The only issue I have is the on off switch in the sending unit is inside the battery compartment which can be a pain at times.

Both mine have been accurate and still going strong.

Maverick ET 73 Remote-Check Wireless Thermometer With 2 Probes

The Maverick ET-73 Redi-Chek® Wireless Remote Smoker Thermometer is a programmable radio-frequency food thermometer and timer specially designed for use in smokers. A remote sensor/transmitter monitors the temperatures of both the meat and the smoking chamber and transmits them up to 100 feet to the displaying receiver so that you can view them from virtually anywhere in your home. Smoking meat, poultry, and fish properly can take a long time. Instead of going out to the smoker to check the temperature over and over, just use the Redi-Chek ET-73. If the temperature of the smoking chamber drops too low or rises too high, the receiver sounds an alert and its alarm icon and probe temperatures flash. The alert also sounds and the icon and temperatures flash when the temperature of the meat being smoked exceeds your preset food temperature. Because both smoker and meat temperatures are monitored, chances are your food will be smoked to perfection every time. The ET-73 can also be used with an oven or grill while baking or barbecuing, which means fewer trips to the kitchen or grill

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