Great Smoker for the Price

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Pros: Tons of Room, Cooks Great, Smokes fantastic without the factory junk in it

Cons: The factory heat shield and chip tray are garbage

Got this for convenience and the ease of smoking at tailgates or events without pulling the stick burner. Smoked several meals on it now. While I was assembling the smoker, i saw the wood chip tray and factory heat shield and said nope. Glad I didnt install them. I use two bricks and an old grill grate over the burner opening with a cast iron pan to hold chunks and deflect heat. I get great smoke out of that and can easily hold 225 with one burner on high, or 250 plus with both. It doesnt use as much propane as I thought it would and on long Butt smokes or big meat smokes it will use about 1/4 to 1/2 of a 25 pound tank depending on outside temp and wind. The air temp and wind do have a noticeable effect on the heat and I have an oven thermometer on every rack Im cooking on plus the maverick probe. Overall it is a great unit for the price and ease of use. Temps can jump around on you and the factory guts of the unit are not very good but, with a little modification, it can be a great unit for a specific purpose like I use it for! 





I like the idea of the bricks, grate, and cast iron tray. now only would need a good seal around the door & forget the temperature gauge use a good ThermoWorks dual, "SMOKE" then I would think it to be a good propane smoker for propane first time smokers.
I have that smoker and love it, No problem smoking.
I just bought this as my first smoker and I noticed on reviews and forums one of the complaints is the seal around the door, as a newbie how can I correct this?
Has anyone ever thought about removing the gas setup and making it into a pellet smoker? Maybe upgrade it with like the smoke daddy pellet smoker kit? I've been thinking about buying one and upgrade it. I would like to hear any feedback on this.