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Masterbuilt Two Door Propane Smoker

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Pros: Easy to assemble, well made

Cons: Needs some mods to improve usage, racks not too wide

I received this smoker as a gift - it's the 30" model. I read in the forums here about some mods to improve functionality and I did them: installed a base and casters, added some insulation around the exterior, made a windshield for the base to protect the burner, installed a gasket around the door openings, replaced the regulator with one that includes a needle valve, and bought a Maverick 732 remote thermometer. I also added a cast iron skillet to hold the wood chips.


This smoker works quite well. I produces a nice thin blue smoke that yields really tasty smoked food. It holds quite a bit of meat, although it's not sufficiently wide to hold an entire rack of St. Louis ribs unless they are cut up. The four racks are spaced such that I can have a Boston butt or two on each rack with just enough room.


I really like this little smoker, and aside from the width issue, the only other criticism I have is that, even with the needle valve, I have a hard time maintaining a constant 225 degrees temp. My only use of it has been in the winter, though, so it may hold temps more consistently in warmer weather.


Overall, I a very happy with this as an entry level smoker.


I loved my masterbuilt, for the 3 years I used it.... cutting ribs, and even brisket, before smoking, was a small price to pay, for such great results... and the brisket yielded a lot more bark, thanks to the cut.
Enjoy your unit, it IS a good unit, and once you're hooked... and buy a larger unit, the masterbuilt, still comes in handy for those smaller smoke
I agree, cutting up a rack of ribs is not a terribly inconvenient thing to have to do.
It looks like a nice smoker.
I cut up a rack of ribs too! to put in my smoker, and my smoker is 18.54 cubic feet with racks of 26'' x 14''.
Why cut, you may ask!..... cross contamination.
When I fire up my smoker I'll smoke more than one thing, I normally do 30 kg chicken at a time.
I'm going to make one or two smaller smokers.
I bought the 44 inch propane model about a year ago. Major mods include door gasket, 6 inch X 4ft. stove pipe stack with damper and 0-300 Weiss thermometer.