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Great smoker for the novice

A Review On: Masterbuilt Gas Smoker XL

Masterbuilt Gas Smoker XL

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Pros: Easy assembly, great temp control, lots of space, solid

Cons: puny water pan, chip pan is worthless

After seeing plenty of great reviews here and elsewhere on the net, I decided to pull the trigger on this smoker.  This is a really solid smoker, seems to be very well built.  More insulation might be nice for cold North Dakota winters, but I have yet to use this in very cold weather.  I had a little smoke loss through the door and around the thermometer, but not enough to be concerning.


I had only used a friend's smoker once and wasn't really sure what to expect.  It was really easy to set up.  Once I had it together, using it was a no-brainer.



Lots of space.  This thing comes with four racks with lots of space.  You can easily do ribs to a big turkey in here with room to spare.


Great temp control:  When I used this, the temps were in the upper 40's to low 50's.  Once I found where I needed to be on the dial, this smoker would hold 180 on the nose with very little deviation so I was able to sit back and enjoy the smoking process without having to constantly worry about temperature fluctuations.




Do yourself a favor and get a cast iron skillet and some 3" stainless steel bolts and nuts for standoffs and toss the chip pan that comes with this unit.  The chip pan just doesn't pass muster.  I picked up a used skillet at the thrift store for next to nothing, only wish I had got one a bit bigger now that I have it.  I haven't used the water pan yet, but it is definitely small and will most likely not be sufficient when doing a big batch of sausage.


You'll definitely want a good thermometer, probably two.  The one that comes with this was accurate to within maybe 20 degrees once the unit was at operating temp, but consistently read warmer than it actually was.


No hooks for sausage.  You could place some solid dowels on top of the uppermost rack mounts, but you lose several inches of space.  I'm contemplating getting some stainless hooks to mount through the roof to gain a little more room, or getting some stainless hardware to support dowels from the roof.



All in all, I would definitely recommend this to anybody looking for an easy to use propane smoker.


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