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Masterbuilt Gas Smoker XL Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great Smoker with a few Mods...


Pros: Respectable size cabinet 24w x 17d x 33h, easy assembly,

Cons: Worthless chip pan, grease drips all around bottom

Needing to replace my old smoker for lack of being able to smoke a large turkey or hang sausage, I was ready to build one from a 55 gallon barrel. All the affordable units were just way too small for my desires. When I was at BPS last week and saw the size of the Masterbuilt Extra Wide Propane Smoker, I had to get one. This unit has (4) adjustable 22" wide x 15" deep racks. That's over 1300 sq inches ! The smoke cabinet itself measures 24w x 17d x 33h.  Assembly went rather well, except only one of the front legs had 2 holes drilled for the front control panel. I lined up the other leg with clamps & drilled matching holes. Regardless of which brand you...
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Good smoker when tweaked


Pros: Great price, Large cabinet, good build quality

Cons: Chip pan is junk, water pan is too small

After researching upright propane smokers, I chose the Masterbuilt XL. A lot of SMF members favorably reviewed the GOSM big block, but it was discontinued at Bass Pro Shops and only available online at the time of purchase. First off, the build quality and design is pretty good. It uses a 1/2" square tube frame, similar to custom built upright smokers I have seen online, only smaller. This separates it from much of the competition that uses only stamped sheet metal cabinets. The door is double walled sheet metal that fits OK, but doesn't seal completely and there is no insulation in the smoker anywhere else. Assembly is easy and quick. On my first smoke, I found it is easy to...
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Masterbuilt Propane extra wide


Pros: Volume of cooking area and Price (No cutting ribs in half - Full rack cooking)

Cons: None if you modify

Please excuse the mess on the pics.. Just got finished smokin meat...No one beats this behemoth for the price... You would pay at least 800 dollars for something this size. I smoked 4 full size pork ribs without cutting, 16 chicken thighs and 1 - 5 pound brisket.. I really love this smoker. The rope seal idea is a waste of time and money... I made 2 modifications. 1. I welded the water pan tray to accomidate a 14" stainless steel dog dish. A bowl is too deep get a stainless steel dog dish fits perfect for clearance. Its low profile and got it for only 12.00 on ebay.. No more water problems lasts 12 hours (Dont really understand why you need to smoke/cook more...
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Negative Reviews


Great smoker until it started on fire


Pros: Large, cheap, cooks well

Cons: Several reports of the propane hose catching on fire, rusted out quickly

I loved this smoker until we found the control knob melted and fire shooting out of the propane hose.  It lasted about 2 years before it started rusting out badly.  I just bought a Green Mountain Pellet smoker and wish it would smoke as good as this did.

Worked well at first especially for the price.


Pros: Lot of space

Cons: Eventually stopped heating up past 150

I bought this smoker and Gander Mountain and I used it quite a bit and have liked it a lot.  The last couple of times I've gone to use it, however, it won't heat up past 150 degrees.  I tried putting a new propane bottle on it to see if that would fix the problem but it won't.  There seems to be a problem with the regulator perhaps?  I've looked into finding a replacement burner/hose line but can't seem to find one. 

Worked great for first smoke, but failed after


Pros: Plenty of room for full rib racks and lots of wings

Cons: Igniter never worked. Regulator failed on 3rd smoke. Sub par parts.

I've had this smoker for about a month now. Originally I was quite happy with it and really didn't even mind that the igniter was bad/intermittent right out of the box.   On the 3rd smoke, it killed $60.00 worth of ribs due to a bad regulator.   Being Sunday, Masterbuilt is closed. I'll call Monday and see if they have an upgrade or if not, I'll either buy a decent regulator or just take the whole tin box back to Bass Pro.   Here's the original review if you want to read it.

More Reviews


Great smoker!


Pros: Large capacity. Ease of use. Well built.

Cons: None yet.

I just got this smoker last week, and am using it for the first time today.  After seasoning it, I threw in some ribs and a couple of whole chickens and it still looks empty!  This thing will be able to handle a massive amount of food when the time comes that I'll need it.  I mixed some mesquite and apple woods in the pan and the thing is maintaining at a constant 190-200 degrees on close to its lowest setting.  It is about 25 degrees outside and probably 35 in the garage where the smoker is, so even at cold temperatures I am not having trouble maintaining a good smoking temp.  I just hope when it is 100 outside I can maintain a 200 degree temperature in the...
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Love the size of the smoker


Pros: Able to ready load the racks full

Cons: small water and smoker pans

I had read many reviews before getting this smoker. It was recommended to get a cast iron fry pan to replace the small smoker pan which has helped for wood use. Still have problems with regulating the heat. You alsop have to open the box to add more wood decreasing your heat and loss of smoke.

Poor design, lots of space, cheap construction and materials


Pros: Volume, and lots of it

Cons: Cheap materials, short life, quick rust. Undersized water pan. Useless wood chip pan.

First year:  had to adjust the door to get decent fit and heat control. Throw out their tiny water pan and put in a decent sized lasagne/baking dish, unfortunately it means  you have to sacrifice the bottom shelf because there isn't enough room. The wood pan has wide open areas which allow the flame to come up and ignite the wood. Bad design. I put big ikea skillet on top of it (removing the handle). I smoked a 25 pound pig and still had plenty of room for sausages, chicken, etc!   Second year: the burner barely put out any heat. Couldn't get much above 150F.  Removed the burner and cleaned it out as much as possible... but there was still something metallic...
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Best decision ever!


Pros: Easy, quick to temp, easy assembly, high quality, easy temp regulation big chip bowl

Cons: Water bowl is a tad bit to small for me, but easily fixed.

I have been looking high and low at smokers. I have a friend who is really into smoking, which after tasting some smoked ribs he made, well I could no longer resist. I made sure that I searched high and low for the best reviewed, and best priced smoker I could find. Well I found it. I got mine for 159.00 with free shipping. Bass Pro shop ran the special. I bought it immediately. I received it, set it up, and smoked all in the same weekend. It was wonderful. I tested the temps, and the temp gauge on the front was off of course. Any research will tell you that they are going to be off. Again easy fix. Heat was perfect. I didn't even have to mess around with any oven tape, etc. Easy to...
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Mastebuilt GS40 XL Wide Propane Smoker


Pros: Cabinet space , Easy to use, Consistent temps with slight mods, Masterbuilt Customer Service, VALUE for the money!

Cons: Few flaws but Masterbuilt stood behind them! Mild chore for one person to move around but easy for 2!

You probably will not find anyone who has done the "smoker research" as well as I have. After countless hours on line not only reading reviews but comparing reliability from long term owners as well. I watched multiple Youtube videos from owners of each and every product I was considering. My main points were PRICE , VALUE, RELIABILITY, and a little extra value splashed in for good measure. Next thing I wanted was a retailer who would stand behind the product in the event it was not what I expected. That is layman's terms for will they return it after I use it if it is not what I thought.  I decided that the "box stores" not only offered competitive pricing but they carried from 60...
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Great smoker for the money


Pros: size, cost, ease of use, heat control

Cons: needs mod to make it a really great smoker

The best part for me is that it can handle a full brisket without bending or cutting.  I don't always need the capacity, but the 4 or 5 times a year when I do it is not a want but a need.  Without rewriting everything that has already been written, the smoker is on sale for $160 at with free shipping to the store (no idea why they won't just sell it a the store for this price and save everyone the hassle).

So far so good


Pros: Inexpensive, Huge Capacity, Good temp control

Cons: Bad Original Chip Pan Design, Small Water Pan

Got this on sale plus free ship to store at Bass Pro Shops for a bit less than 150 bucks. So far so good, with a few shoulders, st. louis ribs, baby back ribs, and soon to be cold smoking some cheese in it with using the AMNPS that I recently got.   I don't know if I got lucky or what, but I can easily keep my temps low or high. 225 is just below medium on the adjustment knob, can get to 400 on the highest, and pretty darn low on the high end (though the high pitch whine from the burner drives me nuts).   I have the Charbroil cover which fits perfectly. We will see how it holds up after being outside all winter here in Michigan.

Great Smoker


Pros: Size

I love it. It allows you to smoke whole racks of ribs, without cutting them to fit inside. The thermometer is off but so are all of the others. The door seal is tight on it and did not need the extra seal rope.

Two Thumbs Up!


Pros: Capacity, Easy to use and clean

Cons: Short LP hose, Water Pan to small, Wood tray

Received as a gift from my wife for father's day. I had an old brinkmann propane vertical and it was just too small. This thing has lot's of capacity, enough to feed more people than you want in your house at any given time...   I have performed the following mods - Water pan replaced with deeper aluminum catering tray (direct drop in) - Using cast iron skillet for wood chunks, installed rolling dolly so I can easily move it without throwing my back - black RTV to seal the door.   For the money ( I have a total of $230 into this thing), it works like a charm.   I highly recommend it to anyone with some basic handy skills and the inclination to fix the few...
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