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Masterbuilt Gas Smokehouse

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Pros: Ease of use, great temp regulation, large water bowl, 4 removable heavy duty racks

Cons: chip tray - flame reaches chips and cause them to burn

This is a real nice smoker for the money.  It is real easy to use.  I have smoked pork butt, meatloaf, hams, whole and pieces of chicken, and brisket in this gas smoker.  All have turned out excellent.  I really prefer charcoal smokers but this smoker has been great and has made some fantastic smoked meat.  I use it primarily in the winter due to its low maintenance while smoking and can reduce the amount of time I need to be out in the cold weather.


I have found the door temp probe to be fairly acurate.  I still use my wireless dual digital thermometer to measure meat and smoker temp.  Works great!


I use a old cast iron skillet to put my wood chips or chuncks in.  I sit it directly on top of the the factory chip tray.  Don't use the factory chip tray.  It has openings that the gas flame can ignite the chips or chunks and, in my opinion, is useless.  This is really the only negative about this unit.


I use the original chip tray, with foil folded and placed over the openings. Haven't had a problem yet. I did buy the 8" cast iron pan though, just haven't tried it
I have a 10" cast iron fry pan that I set right over the original chip tray. It does sit a little high, I use a spatula to load more chips in. Will likely remove chip tray and add legs to the cast iron pan so it sits a little above the burner. I have also temporarily put in a 9" X 13" cake pan to replace the small water tray supplied. Have seen some good ideas for modifying the pan holder to fit larger pans.
I have only used my Masterbuilt Gas Smoker 3 times, but the results have been fantastic. I have been using the factory equipment with no issues. I haven't had any major flareups yet. It takes a little bit of patience to get the temp set, but I have found that using a regular oven thermometer inside the unit is more reliable than the thermometer in the door. The one in the door has been very touchy with wind conditions and when the sun is hitting it. A good oven thermometer was around $10 at Target. I've been very impressed at how little gas it takes to operate it also. After 3 uses, each over 5 hours, the 20lbs cylinder I use still feels full. The grates have been very easy to keep clean too. It almost feels like cheating.