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Masterbuilt Electric Analog 30"

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #20 in Electric Smokers


Pros: Perfect for a beginner

Cons: Having to open the door to add chips

I used my MES 30" analog for the first time last weekend. I smoked a 12lb beef brisket and was amazed how easy it was. My only experience smoking was with my Weber gas grill so I was pretty nervous. I was tickled with the outcome. The beef was tender and juicy and the smoke flavor was outstanding!
Today I'm going to try two pork loins using John McLemores rub recipe. yahoo.gif


Pros: Ease of use

Cons: Inability to add wood chips without losing heat

I bought model 20070612.  Plate on door indicates it is the PRO model.  No clue why it is different than any other MES 30" analog.  Purchased from local Home Depot.  I've used it a lot, for brisket, fish, ribs, and chicken, since.  Keeping watch on temp was done with long probe thermometer though top vent in rear of cabinet.  That method worked ok but checking that temp was a pain.  Took forum members advice and bought a Maverick ET-732.  THAT made ALL the difference! A full bowl of wet Oak chips will last a few hours which gets the meat well-smoked so the door doesn't need to be opened until the meat registers correct temp. I put wet chips in the water tray too.  I tried an AMTS but the 'taste' from pelleted wood was very different from seasoned wood. I'm going to try my first Pork butt this weekend.  Price of brisket is getting ridiculous here.  This is my first electric smoker and overall I'm happy with the unit. 


Pros: Easy to Use, Cost, Rack Space

Cons: Temperature Control,

Received this as a gift for Christmas.  I've used it a ton once the weather warmed up.  The first few smokes you do it is hard to get the temperature up to where you want it, but after it is used a few times seems to break in just fine.  For someone like me who is just learning to smoke it is great and pretty easy to use.  Replacing water/wood chips can be a pain having to open the door all the way, however I don't have much problems getting the heat back up quickly.  Drippings do tend to come out of the bolt holes at the bottom and a lot of the smoke travels out where the power cord is.  That's not to say though the meat has plenty of smoke flavor for me.  I have been pleased with it in the first 6 months it's been used.  


Pros: easy to use,cleanings easy if done right,

Cons: could be better when it comes to adding water or wood chips

after trying out the ECB,think smoker is nice......you do need to check on the temp every now and then...i just let it do its thing and check on it every hour when i add chips and water if needed.....you rarley need to add water unless doing long smokes.......i noticed in the store on the display model the chip tray wasnt touching the heating element ......i see this as a problem on alot of reviews on this smoker,they say it dont create smoke......put the chip tray in and make sure its touching the element...bend the element up a little if you have to.....with the ecb i was constantly babysitting it,even with all the mods to it....after using the ecb then going to this,it couldnt be any easier....ive used it twice so far for ribs and both times they were excellent....i did the 3-2-1 method both times and even left them in a little longer (15 min) on the 2-1 part.they could make it easier to load chips so the door dont have to be completely open....i just open the door and take a pair of long tongs and remove the box then shut the door....add more to the box then same thing while putting it back in the holder....overall i like it alot


Pros: Easy to use, Low Price, Plenty of rack space for small smokes

Cons: Temperature control tricky, recovery time too long, no access to wood tray or water tray without losing a lot of heat.

This is my first smoker after years of smoking on a grill with hand welded wood boxes on charcoal and propane grills.  I don't want to sound negative because I have had really good luck with nearly everything I have cooked but it is not a set it and forget it device.  With only a single door and no real adjustable venting getting to the wood tray means opening the door completely.  The wood box is on the hinge side of the door meaning you have to completely open the door to add to or remove the tray.  There is a single half inch sized hole on the back to act as a vent which is a decent place to put a probe because the temp gauge on the door is for decoration only. Make certain to place the unit on a piece of plastic or wood as the drippings and condensates will run out of the  leg bolt holes and leave quite a stain on the patio.  Also, remember to clean the electrical connections tot he heating element when you are done smoking each time.  The lack of venting means there is a fair amount of smoke that exits via the power cord.  The build up over a couple of smokes makes the rheostat pretty inefficient to control temperatures. All in all as a gift for Christmas I am glad to have it but really wish I had known so I could have pitched in for a unit with a separate access to the wood chip tray and a digital element control

Masterbuilt Electric Analog 30"

Adjustable thermostat-controlled temperature Three chrome-coated smoking racks Removable grease pan Wood chip tray and water pan included Temperature gauge in door

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