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Masterbuilt Cookmaster Propane Smoker

100% Positive Reviews
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Pros: Inexpensive and still functional. heat control was good.

Cons: Not insulated limited size

Not going to give an in depth review as I am still a newb but ......


I am going to say I really love my smoker and have had awesome success getting this unit to do both fatties and some incredible (thanks Jeff for the recipe) pulled pork. I soak the wood per the manual and use both the stock and a cast iron smoke box for the wood chips, Both work equally well. The water pan was also used and very successfully. It helps regulate temps down 225-230 range very well and if you turn down or up the unit it easily goes either way temp wise. The two racks limit what you can do but this is a basic starter unit and luckily in the end my electric failed and the replaced it with this propane sister unit. I then scavenged the extra racks for more space. when doing smaller stuff. Sure it is not the high end stuff but practical and very usable. 

And so far the Que works out great too.

Masterbuilt Cookmaster Propane Smoker

It is a basic propane smoker from Masterbuilt with 2 racks (pic is modified one with 2 extra shelves). From Masterbuilt ... . It has a long lasting 15,400 BTU stainless steel burner, built-in thermometer amongst other features.

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