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Masterbuilt 40" Electric Smoker with Window

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Pros: Stainless steal outer cabinet, internal temperature within 4 degrees of setting, probe within in 5 degrees. Doors does not leak.Top exhaust.

Cons: None so far

After FIVE, repeat Five Generation 2, 40" smokers, I finally have what appears to be a very reliable, accurate smoker. Masterbuilt replaced unit after unit of the poorly designed, poor quality 20070512 smokers that failed on so many levels. I was finally advised to forget the Gen 2 units and get Masterbuilt to send  the 20070311 model. Best move ever. This one has an all stainless steel cabinet. The controller is mounted in the top rear, maybe not as convenient as the front mount on Gen 2 but so what. This one has a light inside the cabinet. The exhaust vent is on the TOP where it should be. Very important, my AMNPS works in this one. No matter what I did or where I placed it in the Gen 2 it would not stay lit. Todd from A-Maze-n products which makes the AMNPS device, could not get one to work in his Gen 2 either. He also told me to go for the Gen 1 unit and that the Gen 2 is a piece of junk. I have made 2 pork shoulders and 3 St Louis ribs so far. I put the pork shoulder in at 10:00PM, filled the AMNPS, put temp @ 225 degrees and went to bed.The 9 pound shoulder was done by noon. the AMNPS smoked for almost 12 hours. The smoker did everything it was supposed to. Masterbuilt has one of the best customer service department I have ever dealt with. they will work with you and replace parts as needed. Maybe Masterbuilt will come out with a Generation 3 smoker, up the quality, and take the best from Gen 1 and Gen 2 and make a spectacular smoker. 

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I may be just plain dumb, but what is AMNPS? I bought the same smoker minus the window just before Christmas this year, and have lost count how many times I have used it so far. Currently have a pork roast and two beef roast smoking. Love this unit. So easy. Up to the time of buying this, I used a self built smoker. (Pics on my profile) Never knew smoking could be this easy!
Go to:, and your questions will be answered.
an AMNPS is a wonderful device designed to allow you to smoke in your smoker almost automatically . Here is a link to their site,
If I wanted to use the AMNPS with the Masterbuilt GS40, propane/charcoal grill, is there a practical way to be able to use the propane or charcoal for the heat and the AMNPS for the smoke?  Is there a box that I can buy that the AMNPS will fit in that I can funnel the smoke into the GS40?  I think this might also be very beneficial for cold smoking if I could get this in a box on the side?
I suggest sending Todd at your questions regarding AMNPS. That is his baby and he is the expert.He is a very helpful man,
Bought this smoker last week did a rack of ribs over the weekend in 10 degree weather and was very pleasantly surprised at how well it held temperature and smoked. Ribs came out perfert. Got a shoulder going in on Saturday.
Smokin in Nye,
When using AMNPS, where do you position the pellet smoker in your MES? Above the meat or below, or next to, etc? I am going to buy a MES 40 - 20070311 and was wondering if the pellets are best to use for "hot" smoking and just forget the wood chips? Did you buy yours at Amazon or Masterbuilt?