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Masterbuilt 40" Electric Smoker with Window Reviews

Positive Reviews

smoking in nye

Finally, a Masterbuilt that works.


Pros: Stainless steal outer cabinet, internal temperature within 4 degrees of setting, probe within in 5 degrees. Doors does not leak.Top exhaust.

Cons: None so far

After FIVE, repeat Five Generation 2, 40" smokers, I finally have what appears to be a very reliable, accurate smoker. Masterbuilt replaced unit after unit of the poorly designed, poor quality 20070512 smokers that failed on so many levels. I was finally advised to forget the Gen 2 units and get Masterbuilt to send  the 20070311 model. Best move ever. This one has an all stainless steel cabinet. The controller is mounted in the top rear, maybe not as convenient as the front mount on Gen 2 but so what. This one has a light inside the cabinet. The exhaust vent is on the TOP where it should be. Very important, my AMNPS works in this one. No matter what I did or where I placed it in the...
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I got you, Babe!


Pros: Easy to use.

Cons: none so far.

Got my Masterbuild electric Smoker  at noon and season it ASAP and later that night I made my first spare rib for the next day and BOY where they good! The remote control is a most up here in the mountains of Maryland.... YES we have mountains in Maryland even if most Marylanders don't know that. I love grilling and smoking. I'm the BBQ KING in this family trying to teach the grandkids the secrets but it is hard they have their iPods and Game stuff glued to their faced all the time, when they are not stuffing it with food. The ease to use Masterbuild electric Smoker is that any novice can start using it as long as they can read a recipe and follow them. The internet...
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Negative Reviews


Poor smoker


Pros: Looks great

Cons: The digital controller has failed twice and I have been unable to smoke anything. Would not recommend this unit.

The digital controller has failed twice - once when I set it up, the other after they replaced it and I went to use it for the first time. Remote is a good idea but that didn't work either.

I am mostly satisfied


Pros: Ease of operation and temperature reliability

Cons: Poor smoke generation and difficulty in using the chip loader

This is my first Masterbuilt product.  I have cooked brisket, Boston butt, country style ribs, beef jerky, whole chicken as well as boneless chicken breasts.  I was very please with the over all performance of my 40" electric smokerl.  I like the remote control and found it to be both accurate and reliable.  I did find installing the burn box difficult.  The heating coil needs to be between the lower protective plate and the actual burn box.  I had to play around with it for a while before it would slide in correctly.  I found the chip loader very difficult to pull out to load chips.  I also found at temperatures below 260 the chips did not...
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More Reviews


Great Electric Smoker!


Pros: Very easy to set up and use, Wheels provide portability, comes with a remote to adjust temp and time.

Cons: Keeping smoke consistant and even can be difficult.

Overall, this is a great smoker! I have owned my MES 40 for a  few weeks now and I have very few complaints.   Out of the package it is very easy to set up and it comes with wheels so you can install it in your home and roll it out back. As soon as I could, I seasoned mine and then put it to use. The remote makes it even easier, however the range of the remote is about 10 feet. Perfect if your just standing around drinking beer. My only complaint about my smoker is the chip tray and loading system. Occasionally, some chips will not burn and it will stop smoking so I have to use something to put into the loading tray and even out the chips in the tray. It doesn't really effect...
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Jimmy Jam

User friendly, easy set up.


Pros: Set and forget controls

Cons: Smoke at low temps terrible

I have had my MES for about 6 months now, and after adding a pellet burning tray I'm finally in love with it. I had problems getting decent smoke at lower temps but I've heard that's the most common problem with this unit. Using a pellet tray I've been turning out excellent cue. The controller on top is kind of flimsy but works fine, and I mostly rely on the remote anyway. Drip pan at the bottom with drain hole is a pain, if it's not lined up perfectly it clogs easily and drippings get all over the door sill. The light inside is almost useless, unless you're loading or unloading in the dark. Also, I've noticed that the meat probe can be inconsistent, so I expect a 5 degree margin...
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Pros: Ease of use

Cons: Time will tell

I recently purchased the 40” MBS from Sam’s Club (10OCT13). Sam’s appeared to have the best price when everything was considered.   Here are a few observations regarding my experience with this smoker thus far. Be advised I did read all of the reviews I could find before making this purchase. It actually took me nearly a year to make pull the trigger since I wanted to get more information on the new and improved 40”. I am very particular about most things over $100 and I wanted to improve my chances at success.   Initial observations while unpacking, in my humble opinion MB did as good of a job at securely packaging the smoker as they probably could have. I did have a...
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great unit,easy to construct,easy to use


Pros: not hard to become a consumate smoker

Cons: grease leaks out of the bottom when grease pan not full

this is a great unit,have had no problems with not holding temps or with leaking around the window like some of the other people have.The glass does get fogged up but that can be cured.When you finish smoking and after the unit cooling off use a glass scraper on the window and wash of with hot water and it will be clean.Have had mine 2 weeks and have done a turkey and a brisket.I did both at 225 degrees,the turkey was 20 lbs and it took only 4 hours,and the brisket at 11 lbs took 8 hours.   i know that seems like a short time but the meat was brought to the right temp on both and they both were done and tasted great.

would never by another masterbuilt product


Pros: worked good for a short time

Cons: non replacable heating element

I have this smoker it is a few years old but has less that 150 hours of smoke time. I had to replace digital controller this spring. Now the non replaceable heating element went out.  Company will not stand behind their product. The did tell me the new version has a replaceable heating element though. I thought that was very nice of them. It was easy to use but value and quality I would give a big fat zero

Glass Leaked Grease and is a Poor Insulator


Pros: Easy to use, Smokes well

Cons: Glass seal leaks, Remote does not work, Glass was a poor insulator harder to hold temp, Poor customer service

I would not recommend this smoker because the window is pointless it clouds up the first 5 min of smoking and after you smoke two times the smoke on the window is so heavy you can't wipe it clean. If you plan to smoke in the winter it will be harder to maintain the temperature because the glass releases a lot of heat. Also the window that I had just leaked grease even after smoking multiple times. The grease puddle was about 2 feet big.    I bought this smoker on 6/2/13 when i unpacked the smoker it was missing the screws and two pans. I called up Masterbuilt and they said I was missing the hardware kit so they sent me the kit which I received on 6/7/13. When I assembled...
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MES 40" Gen2 -Great beginner smoker


Pros: Easy setup and use. Generates good amounts of smoke

Cons: Hard to generate good smoke ring. Controller must be kept dry.

I've had my MES now for about 5 months so I can give a much more knowledgeable review of it. I did make the mistake of getting the controller wet while cleaning up after a good smoke and of course, it went wacky. Thankfully, the advice I received on this forum helped me correct the issue as once the controller dried out, it was good to go and strangely enough, worked better than it did brand new. When I told MES customer service about my issue, they sent out a new controller. It wouldn't sync up with my existing remote so they sent a replacement remote as well. Very nice and focused customer service to say the least.   When it comes to long smokes, you really can't ask for a...
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Not at all happy with Masterbuilt


Pros: If the unit actually worked it would be great for my charcuterie projects

Cons: Bad workmanship

I bought the 40" with the window about 3 years ago. I've used it maybe 15 times. Last October while smoking my homemade hot dogs, the controller went nuts and it kept getting hotter and hotter until my hot dogs finally caught on fire. I called Masterbuilt and was told I needed a new controller, so I dished out $25 for the new one. That wasn't the problem obviously as it kept doing the same thing. When I called back I was told I needed to buy the newer body. Huh? No, I don't think so. I spoke with another rep recently and was told they don't even have bodies for this model, but they would sell me a brand new one with a discount. Once again, I don't think so. I spent $425 on a product...
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Great Smoker for the Money


Pros: Set it and Forget it Cooking

Cons: Wood tray is too small Id like more bark.

Ive owned my MBE for about two years now.  The unit has held up well. It's used every holiday with heavy loads of meat.  We feed a lot of folks.  In addition, I'll use it about once a month on Sunday.  2 chickens are in the spa as a write.   No quality issues at all. I did get the cover for it to protect it from the Texas Sun and Ice storms.  This is my 4th smoker and the first electric unit  The others were a wood smoker and two propane units.  I wasn't sure if I'd like an E unit.  But overall I would say I'm happy. Super easy to use.  Not messy like some smokers can be. Pretty easy clean up. I wish the units could produce more smoke....
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Easy Breezy!


Pros: Super easy to use and good looking too!

Cons: It could use a double pane window...

I am very impressed with my new smoker!  I did my first brisket, low and slow (225 for 16 hours) and it was well beyond my greatest expectations!  I like the window and light (without them I would be opening the door to check it's progress way more often than I should.  I only opened door to put it in, to foil it, and to take it out!  I liked the lighter smoke (apple wood) that the MES gives.  The only suggestion I can make to Masterbuilt is that double pane window would be an asset to it's great insulation value. 
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