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Masterbuilt 30" Black 20070511

92% Positive Reviews
Rated #3 in Cabinet Style


Pros: Insulated, Spacious, wood chip access, easy to use

Cons: none yet

I bought this recently so I could still smoke during the colder months. My charcoal smoker is good for the summer time but not when there is any breeze. It has no insulation. So for 175 I bought this on Amazon. It arrived and i seasoned it up exactly as directed. MAN did it smell AMAZING!!!! I haven't smelled anything great like this in months. So right after seasoning I cleaned it up and set in some Canadian Bacon I had curing. MMMM Came out WAY better than my charcoal smoker. AND the best part is, it was like 5 degrees outside and it smoked like a champ. I watched it the whole time and it ticked right up and just worked. I love it!


Now on a side note. I do plan on buying the cold smoke kit for bacon. I also plan on doing the AMNPS for long night time smokes and I plan on a remote thermometer setup.


Just because it is much more efficient for me to be smoking and getting the info on a side device. I can wrench on my jeep while this guy smokes nice and slow without me doing anything other than enjoying it when it is done!!!!!


Pros: Plenty of smoking space. AMNPS fits right beside heating element box

Cons: Calibrating internal temperature

I love this thing. There's a learning curve so the briskets and the spareribs were better on both second attempts. I also smoked my first batch of cheeses almost two weeks ago. I prefer using the AMNPS because I get hours of smoke out of it with very little effort. With wood chips, I have to fill the wood tray every 20-30 minutes.


I've found that when the smoker is warming up the built-in them sensor is very inaccurate by something like 20-40 degrees. Once it reaches the target cooking temp and has been on the job for about an hour, then the discrepancy tightens up and may only be 2-4 degrees between the MES therm and my Taylor.


I bought a handtruck and bungee cords to make it easy to transport the MES between my garage and my backyard. My MES is my second favorite backyard cooker/smoker. My Weber 22.5" One-Touch Silver will also reign in the top spot.


Pros: Spacious, efficient, set it and walk away

Cons: Short cord

This is our first smoker, bought it about two years ago for a Christmas present for my DH.  We live in WI but have been using it year-round and have had excellent results.  It's easy to move, I just put my luggage cart under it and away we go.  Adding wood chips is easy.  There's plenty of room for just a few salmon fillets or a whole ton of ribs.  Overall an excellent value for the money!


Pros: Insulated, Damper

Cons: Thermo doesnt work. Chips wont smoke if the temp is lower than 225 (250)

This model is much better than the analog one. The construction is better and insulation and damper work great. The big issue right away is with the built in thermometer being 20-30 degrees off than whats displayed. (Hotter). Its a little unacceptable if you ask me. Also I notice the wood chips simply dont smoke if you arent running in the 250's. You must buy a Masterbuilt 20070112 smoke generator if you expect any decent smoke. 


Update 4/13/15: 

So yeah I sent this unit back. It would smoke great the first 30 minutes and by the 2 hour I have no smoke and a pile of half burnt wood chips stacking up inside the tray. I either had to dump out the tray every 30 minutes or crank the unit up high to get the chips to start smoking. I could buy the masterbuilt cold smoke kit, yeah, BUT, thats another $60-$70 on top of the fact I had the leg extension kit on the smoker. So I would be doing some modifications to the smoker or hauling bricks around to get the cold smoke kit level with the chip tray hole. What a joke! My first analog MB smoker was popping my GFC circuit! This one didn't produce smoke without baby sitting it. I don't think I will be buying any more masterbuilt products. So disappointed.  


Pros: price, ease of use, big enough, seems well built

Cons: small leaks at door and floor

My wife got me this smoker for Christmas. While I've been grilling food for a while, I've never smoked a single thing but I love to eat BBQ Pork. I got this smoker set up in 10 minutes. I then followed the seasoning instructions using the wood chip burner it comes with. The next day, I smoked a 10lb pork butt that tasted amazing. I followed the instructions from the smoker and added about 1/2 cup of wood chips to its hopper every hour to hour and half (No AMNPS yet.) 


Sure, I'd like to take all the credit as the cook, but let's face it, this smoker made it very easy. If the thermometer on it is correct, it held its temps very well given the cold, windy Virginia weather that day. Even when I opened the door for basting or checking the meat temp (no remote thermometer, yet), the smoker came back up to temp quickly.


So, I basically did exactly what I was told in the instructions as far as using the smoker (I did my own thing with the rub and the sauce :) and turned out a pretty decent bit of meat though I see room for improvement of course. Seems like this is a great smoker to get into this wonderful past-time and until I'm cooking for a big crowd, it'll likely meet my needs.


Pros: Easy to use,accurate,

Cons: Does not cold smoke unless you use attachment

I have owned one for a year and a half and have smoked just about everything . The one thing I did not like in the beginning was the fact you could not cold smoke. With their new cold smoke attachment it works just great. Now I use the attachment all the time as it delivers more smoke over a longer period of time and I am still able to adjust temp as needed


Pros: everything is controled and accurate

Cons: chip door does sometimes stick

I've been using one for a year and nothing in my experience compares! The door for the wood chips does stick sometimes, but playing with it for a few seconds has always freed it up. This is a minor problem to me.

The chip door could use more capacity, but again, this is a minor nit. I'm getting spoiled after all my other smokers. This one is so far superior to them! I've done briskets, ribs, kielbasa, pulled pork and all kinds of beef roasts.It has never failed to give great results


Pros: Simple to operate, holds temp well

Cons: Hard to really clean, wood chip feeder sticks

After over a year of smoking things with it, it still produces great things.  I love that I can dial in a temp and it will hold it indefinitely. The longest continuous run was 19hrs on a large brisket.  The design keeps smoke on the food well.


The cons I listed are personal issues.  I must admit that I'm not the best about cleaning it right away, but would be nice if it were easier to remove the "guts" for cleaning.  The slide in, turn over feed for wood chips sometimes sticks and have to work to get it out (I think this happens when a wood chip gets stuck in the "shoot").


Pros: Convenient, accurate, well built.

Cons: None so far.

I'm certainly not a professional since I've never used a charcoal or off-set smoker but since I got this one last fall I've fallen in love with smoked meats.  I've smoked turkey, salmon, ham, pork loin, pork spare ribs, pork back ribs, cornish game hens, stuffed jalapenos, chicken and tilapia.  Most of the items in the list have been done multiple times, always with scrumptious results.  I've experimented with brines using apple juice and cranberry juice for poultry and lemon juice in brining the fish. 


I just set the smoker to the temperature I want, get the temperature up and the smoke going, insert my remote meat thermometer and walk away.  The aroma fills the neighborhood and we seem to have an unusual number of drop-in visitors when the smoker is cookin'.  I've started using chunks of wood instead of the small chips and many of them have to be chopped down a little to fit in the pan but that's about the only complaint, if you could call it one, that I have.  Incidentally, I often wrap olive oiled whole potatoes in foil to compliment the meal. 


Pros: good smoker

Cons: don't have any yet.

So far am well pleased with this smoker. Looking forward to many tasty meals. Had food from my sons smoker, had to go out a buy one myself.

Masterbuilt 30" Black 20070511

Masterbuilt 30" Electric Smoker with Meat Probe Precise digital controls 640 sq. in. of cooking space Insulated walls trap heat and eliminate drying Precise digital controls assist you in making culinary masterpieces. The heating element adjusts up to 275°F and is regulated by a digital thermostat. The wood of your choice smolders in the electrically heated, easy-to-clean, removable wood chute. Insulated walls trap heat and eliminate drying. Four racks provide 640 sq. in. of cooking space. Includes meat temperature probe. 25-lb. capacity. Imported. Dimensions: 30"H x 15-3/4"W x 17"D. Weight: 48 lbs. Color: Black.

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