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A Review On: Masterbuilt 30" 20070312 with Window

Masterbuilt 30" 20070312 with Window

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Pros: Easy to use, easy to monitor, very forgiving, amazing company

Cons: Small?, Smoke rings are hard to get

I've had this smoker for about a year. Well, not exactly this smoker; mine has a 10" metal stand so it is a little more comfortable to use but Masterbuilt doesn't seem to differentiate the two.

The smoker is very easy to use, even for a novice smoker.
The Bluetooth is a nice addition, Adjusting temperature and turning it off/on are very convenient especially in the wee hours of the morning.

If I had to do it all over again, I would probably get the 40" model. Don't get me wrong, I have been able to smoke 12-14lb brisket in the 30" but you have to get creative with positioning.

A little story about my dealings with Masterbuilt:
On July 4th, my family wanted ribs. On the morning of the fourth, my smoker would not power on.
About a month into owning the smoker, the temperature probe started giving outrages readings. (300 degrees when it was off, or reading 40 degrees when it's hot)
It didn't really bother me, because I was using another wireless thermometer anyway ( I never liked the idea of pulling a probe out of meat before it's rested and letting juice run out)
Ve y soon after, the smoker started tripping the gfi outlet it was on. Again, I didn't think much of it. Resetting the outlet would always fix it and it only happened on the initial heat up.
Then the morning of the fourth. The smoker would not turn on. Resetting the outlet did nothing. Different outlets did nothing. It was dead.
I contacted Masterbuilt on July received an email letting me know they were sending me a replacement power board and control panel. The new parts came right away, but my work schedule did not let me set them out until a few days later.
When I switched the parts, it still had the same issue. No power at all. I emailed Masterbuilt again.
I got another response asking me to call and troubleshoot.
On the phone with customer service, they determined there was an issue in the box. The had me verify my purchase information, then a few days later I had a new body for my smoker.
Again, work kept me from moving the parts over ( basically I had to rebuild the smoker, taking every piece from the old and transferring to the new)
I finally had the time to do the work, which took about 2 hours. Mostly because I couldn't find a stubby screwdriver I needed to get to a hard to reach screw.

Moment of truth came, and I plugged it in. It instantly came to life.
Now I just need to re-season and get back to smoking.

All in all, the process took a month. It taht was due to my work schedule. If I had been able to get things done when the parts first arrived, it would have been about 9 days.
All of this is outside of Masterbuilts warranty period. Maybe because it seems like a known issue, they make an exception.
all I know is Masterbuilt has earned a customer for life.


It doesn't seem like you should have had to do their work for them, by rebuilding the defective machine....basically, it was a parts only warranty. I would have preferred to send the entire thing back and they fix it, or they replace it....including all the shipping. All that should "on them" was their defective machine...not yours.
Correction.....I overlooked the fact that the smoker was, at the time of the defect, out of warranty.
The company didn't have to do anything, but, they sent you free parts....good company.
I have similar...Any tips about getting good smoke rings and that nice dark bark on brisket using an electric smoker?