Got tired of babysitting my offset chartcoal smoker and after research got this unit. Love it!

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Masterbuilt 30" 20070312 with Window

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Pros: Easy to use, No more baby sitting during a ten hour smoke, Results are great and, according to friends with charcoal smokers, just as good as theirs.

Cons: Chip basket needs to be reloaded every fory five minutes to one hour.

The down side - Glass front was nice for the first ten minutes but kind of a meaningless expense. It's a smoker Duh, after ten minutes you can't see anything any way, after the second smoke you won't even bother cleaning it. Have owned the unit for a bit over two years and have only two problems. under warranty the food temp. probe started giving me an error reading. Master built had a replacement out to me in a week. A week ago it started to trip my GFI. Called Masterbuilt after a few questions the CSR said it was the heating unit and had a new one out to me in four days. Not under warranty so I had to pay for it but it was fairly inexpensive, under twenty dollars. While it was a bit of a pain to install it's doable for just about anyone who knows which end of the screwdriver goes on the screw. Finally the chip heater has to be refilled every forty five minutes to an hour. Now that is a real PITA for a long smoke. Solution is the AMPS pellet doohickey. It fits in this smoker on the two rails that support the chip burner and has given me ten to eleven hours of smoke. Evidently some have problems keeping them going but after reading the post and playing with it to get the knack now I have no problem with it at all.


The up side - Whats to say, as stated, friends with charcoal smokers say the results from mine equals theirs and with on whole lot less trouble,  Start a smoke then take nap, run to the store, go to the beach, read a book, or whatever. Really nice if your doing a brisket or pastrami that need to cook at a set temp for ten to twelve hours. No dampers to diddle with, charcoal to add or shake down etc.


On another note, I used a remote food, heat thermometer for my offset smoker so when I got the Masterbuilt I cross checked the units outputs. They were right on the money.




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