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Masterbuilt 30" 20070312 with Window

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #3 in Cabinet Style


Pros: Easy to use, No more baby sitting during a ten hour smoke, Results are great and, according to friends with charcoal smokers, just as good as theirs.

Cons: Chip basket needs to be reloaded every fory five minutes to one hour.

The down side - Glass front was nice for the first ten minutes but kind of a meaningless expense. It's a smoker Duh, after ten minutes you can't see anything any way, after the second smoke you won't even bother cleaning it. Have owned the unit for a bit over two years and have only two problems. under warranty the food temp. probe started giving me an error reading. Master built had a replacement out to me in a week. A week ago it started to trip my GFI. Called Masterbuilt after a few questions the CSR said it was the heating unit and had a new one out to me in four days. Not under warranty so I had to pay for it but it was fairly inexpensive, under twenty dollars. While it was a bit of a pain to install it's doable for just about anyone who knows which end of the screwdriver goes on the screw. Finally the chip heater has to be refilled every forty five minutes to an hour. Now that is a real PITA for a long smoke. Solution is the AMPS pellet doohickey. It fits in this smoker on the two rails that support the chip burner and has given me ten to eleven hours of smoke. Evidently some have problems keeping them going but after reading the post and playing with it to get the knack now I have no problem with it at all.


The up side - Whats to say, as stated, friends with charcoal smokers say the results from mine equals theirs and with on whole lot less trouble,  Start a smoke then take nap, run to the store, go to the beach, read a book, or whatever. Really nice if your doing a brisket or pastrami that need to cook at a set temp for ten to twelve hours. No dampers to diddle with, charcoal to add or shake down etc.


On another note, I used a remote food, heat thermometer for my offset smoker so when I got the Masterbuilt I cross checked the units outputs. They were right on the money.




Pros: Works well for all types of smoking.Added the slow smoker attachment to do cold smoke.

Cons: Hard to keep the glass clean.

I've been very impressed with this smoker.The slow smoker attachment is actually a cold smoking device.Made smoked cheese,scallops and found the flavor to be just right.


Pros: Easy clean up and long-range remote

Cons: Stripped metal screw for drip tray holder rail, sharp edges on drip tray, wood chip tray and water bowl.

Had my brother pick this up at the PX (post exchange) and courier it to me. It was well packaged and assembly took about 15 minutes. Only issues were a stripped sheet metal screw holing the rail for the drip tray (JB Weld to the rescue) and sharp edged sheet metal which were removed with a dremel.  Broke it in yesterday and proceeded with 5 pounds of boneless thigh (Cajun spice rub finished off with a BBQ sauce dip) and a pork loin (Cajun rub and wrapped in bacon). Came out great with an easy clean up.


Pros: Everything except the glass.

Cons: Hard to keep the glass clean and how can I cover it well enough to kleep it outside in the summer.

Seems to keep perfect temp even when it's Midwest cold out, it comes apart easily and all the "business" parts go in the dishwasher.  I'm a believer.


Pros: Cust. Serv. at Masterbuilt is complimentarily sending me out a retrofit larger chip tray which should ease in the times necessary to replentish the ch

Cons: None so far

This is my first electric smoker and so far I am impressed! So much easier than my charcoal smoker. First, after I seasoned the smoker, I smoked a small batch of trout, delicious!


Pros: Smart smoker. When can I down load an app?

Cons: Seems to have been put together in a rush.

First smoke tasted great my only flaws are with the construction.

There are 2 screws that hold the element mount to some rails. One of my screws was missing. The ones that was there was in the front most screw hole which prohibited me from sliding in the tray the wood chips burn on. To begging smoking I had to first take out the screw and move it to the back hole so that the tray can slide in a and out with ease. This can be difficult if you have larger hands like mine as you have to get into a tight spot. This same try was tack welded by hand, but was kinda bent out of shape. This leads me to believe that they just make the parts and toss them in the ox. They never actually sit down and makes sure that they fit together flawlessly.

I also scratched my hard wood floors when I unpacked this thing. Didn't realize I had to put the wheels on before I realized it has some vary sharp metals sticking out of the bottom.

Overal after you get by these flaws the meat tastes great and that's all that really matters at the end of the day.


Pros: It's Electric, set it and forget it

Cons: trays rust out too quick

Got the smoker the last few days of June 2013.  Had her fired up and smoking most every weekend and few week days since then.  Easy to use and move around, I would recommend this MES 30 Inch smoker to everybody who asks.



Pros: Remote, glass window, Stainless steel,

Cons: meat thermo off, sticky chip tray

"I bought this model about 3 weeks ago. So far I have done ribs, sausage, cheese, and a pork butt (15 hour smoke) All together I have used it for about 24 hours and no problems yet. The glass is awesome! I am really glad I got it, you can see your meat and how much smoke is going, clean the glass with Easy literally wipes clean, I clean it after every use with easy off and after 24 hours of use it is still brand new. The only small problem is the chip tray can be a little difficult to put in sometimes. I called Masterbuilt on the chip tray and they are sending me a new one.  The meat thermo is also waaay off so make sure you use another one. Overall I am really glad I bought this model!"


Pros: Works good so far.

Cons: Remote was missing battery cover. Called Masterbuilt and after a 30 minute wait, they took my info and sent me a new remote.

Purchased at Mills Fleet Farm on sale for $249.

Assembly was easy and you only need a Phillips screw driver.

It seems like a well constructed unit.

Directions are quite good.


The missing battery cover on the remote was replaced at no charge by calling Masterbuilt.

30 minute wait, then answered several questions.

The Masterbuilt sent a whole new remote :) no charge.


I'm totally new to smoking meats.

We have done two 3.5 lb free range chickens (less fat). They were very good.

One 12 lb free range turkey that was good but not great. (My lack of experience.)

Boneless beef ribs that came out kind of dry. Experience again...

Next: two pork loins in brine right now :)


So far I really like it. The remote is nice to monitor the actual meat temp.


12-20-12 Update

Pork came out AWESOME!

Brined it about 24 hrs (had to work & sleep) 

Rinsed in cold water.

Coated with olive oil then Famous Daves Rib Rub

Cherry wood chips at the start and one more load part way through.

Apple juice in the water pan.

Set for 225 with a meat temp probe in both ( I also bought a Maverick ET-732)

It took about 3.0 hours to get the internal temp to 155 F.

Let it cook another 30 minutes (card game in progress :-)

Removed to pan in Coleman cooler. Covered with foil and 2 towels.

Let sit for about 30 minutes.

Very juicy and tasty meat!


Note: MES 30 sits on my deck and outdoor temp stayed at 25 deg F all day during cooking.

I'm stuffed, happy and my fingers still smell good :)


Masterbuilt 30" 20070312 with Window

* Thermostat temperature controls ensure even cooking * Cooking capacity: 720 square inches * Easy-to-red blue LED display * Removable drip pan * Wireless remote that controls temperature Updated for easier smoking the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse now features an easy-to-read blue LED display and a built-in viewing window. Thermostat temperature controls ensure even cooking temperatures up to 275°F. Smoker includes a wireless remote that controls temperature, time, internal light, ON/OFF, and monitors meat temperature from up to 100' away. 800 watt element. 30" smoker has four racks and also comes with wheels, handle, and a removable drip pan. Cooking capacity: 720 square inches. Dimensions: 19.92"L x 20.6"W x 31.81"H. Weight: 54 lbs. Manufacturer model #: 20070312.

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