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Masterbuilt 20070106 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker, Black

88% Positive Reviews
Rated #3 in Cabinet Style


Pros: Price, and ease of use, constancy.

Cons: Have to modify it to make it its best. Not really a con for me.

First off I can't comment on the long term reliability of this smoker.  I have had it for a week now, and have smoked with it every day, most of them are long smokes.  I have no problem getting the smoke I want.  And the temperature has been fairly accurate and holds well.  Recovery is not bad, and I think the controlled recovery helps the unit keep a consistent temperature.


Pros, are price, ease of use, quick cleanup, and versatility.  And cost of operation.  To smoke a brisket on my old grill would cost me close to $30.00 in propane, and wood chips.  A brisket in an MES was about $4.75, cost of electricity, and wood chips.  I used 4 cups of wood chips, my old way would have been 16 cups of chips.


Cons, none really except you need a stand, stooping over the thing is hard on your back.


Improvements, you got to mod it to do certain things.  Cold and cool smoking you will need another smoke source.  It has a well documented hot spot so while your picking it up, stop and grab a few floor tiles, I have 2 6' x 8' units and place them down in the lower right corner right between the water pan and the heating element box.  While your there get a smoke inlet screen from the plumbing isle.  I used a bathtub drain screen.  Also once you get home you might want to get a smoke ring on your meat, the easiest way I have found to do that is build a small coal chimney, out of a can.  fire up 2-3 lumps of charcoal or wood chunks and let it sit in there and go to town for your smoke.  A shield needs to be made for the control panel, to block the sun, and heaven forbid stop a light rain shower, from getting to the controls.


Accessories you will want to pickup while your out.

HD foil, I use it to line the water pan, and wrapping meats.

Digital probe thermometers, I now have two of them.  One with a single probe, the other with a dual probe.  I tend to smoke more than one type of meat per go, so it is good to keep track of their progress.

Wood chips, not dust, or chunks but chips.

A measuring cup, my wife does not like wood fiber in her cakes.

A stand, or build one.  I am building one out of a craftsmen roll around tool chest. With a side mount bracket to hold the smoker.

And a cover to keep it dust free.


Overall it is a great entry level smoker, or even a seasoned pro will find it handy when times short and you need a piece of smoked heaven.  You set it and forget it, and then check in every so often.


Pros: Price, convenience,

Cons: Smoke production a little inconsistent

I am a total novice to smoking and so far I am pleased with the results.  I have only smoked ribs and chicken but the results have been good.  Others agree.  As with any new skill and new piece of equipment I can tell I am on the very low end of the learning curve.  I have gained a lot of insight about smoking in general from this forum.  Thank you all for sharing your knowledge.


Smoke production seemed low on my first 3 tries but after reading on this forum I am beginning to believe that the amount of smoke I assumed would be neccessary is a lot more than is actually needed.  Even on my last smoke when I didn't think it was producing enough smoke the food actually had a better smoke flavor than my first 2 attempts.  I think I am catching on to the idea of "thin blue smoke". 


I believe with time and practice I will easily be able to produce what I want with this smoker.  I would reccomend this product to the casual backyard smoker.


Thank you!




Pros: Great temp control, easy to use.

Cons: Chips don't smoke for long.

I bought this as my entry into the Smoked Meats brotherhood and have enjoyed every bit of it.  Great for jerky as well as chicken, turkey, ribs and butts.  Good way to do those long overnight smokes without having to tend a fire all night long. 


Pros: set it and forget it....

Cons: no handles to pickup with

Have been smoking with a propane vertical, but its hard to maintain a constant temp. After seeing a friend of mine using his electric, I was sold. 


Pros: easy to use, requires a bit of a learning curve, but I am a newbie so my experience will improve results over time.

Cons: owner's manual very brief and not really much help

This really isn't a review, but more of a question or 2. I smoked a 9 lb pork butt, brined overnight and then coated with mustard and a rub and refrigerated 8 hrs then smoked. I tried to follow manufacturer's suggestions and had a couple of I wonder if situations ... I used Kingsford hickory wood chips that I had soaked in water for a couple of hours then drained. I started with one cup, got plenty of smoke. Then went to add more about 1 hr later [manufacturer recommended 45 min] and I had difficulty adding them [the original load wasn't used up]. I then added again in about 75 minutes .. still had a bit of resistance so I waited 90 min for the next load. added again using the same schedule +/- over a 6 hr time frame. I set the smoker temp @ 220 degrees, with total time of 18 hrs. I opened twice during process ... first to check temp and mop with a baste. then after 15 hrs foiled and left in for another 2.5hr ...removed and rested in picnic chest with towels for 4-5 hr and it was still very warm. Then pulled the meat. It was very tasty  and a bit drier than I would have anticipated, but still very good yum yum.

   When the unit cooled down I cleaned it up and the chip hopper was still full to the top with chips and only a smidgen of true ash. The chips were now in the form of charcoal. Just wondering why they had not gone down to just ash? Also is my experience of slow usage of the chips similar to others who have this smoker?

   Last question .... I have ordered a Taylor 1470 thermometer. How do you use it effectively? the probe cable would probably be pinched in the door gasket if put in that way. The only way I can figure is to drill a hole in the box and insert that way or go in through the upper smoke vent, but that would seem to leave it open and allow heat and smoke to escape ... any suggestions??



Thanks for any suggestions, Jack K


Pros: Easy and reliable...

Cons: Could use a little more heat range and power..

I bought this one after a good spring brown trout fishing trip in the spring. Have used it for trout, wild turkey and now blue fish this week. Works well for the money, and makes life easy because of the controllers. Only things I wish were better would be little higher heat range to get up into the higher side of smoke roasting and some more power to get things up to temp a little faster.


Over all I would say great value.


If you get one of these or any smoker add a little extra and get a A-maze-N smoker for set it and forget it smoking!






Pros: good insulation

Cons: cheaply constructed, faulty wiring, faulty digital timer, hot spots

I have had this smoker for a few years.  The quality of the food that it produced was on par with my old ECB.  But the main problem I had with this is the quality.

I had to replace the wiring after it burned up.

I had to replace the digital temp controls.


I didnt realize how cheaply made this thing was until I purchased a new smoker that is made in the USA.  the MES looks and feels like junk compared to the new one (Smokin-it).


I had the last straw when i put in 2 temperature probes and they differed by about 50 degrees after getting up past 200.


My digital temp control is broke again, and i refuse to spend anymore money with these guys.

If you are new to smoking, this might be fine, if you are looking to upgrade from a ECB price range, save your money and step it up to a quality product.

Good riddance


Pros: Easy to operate - uses wood efficiently

Cons: A bit low to the ground and hard to move (anc because of the electronice should not be left out) - legs and wither wheels or side handles would be goo

A new smoker but I'm impressed - so far I've only done hot smoking (220 to 275) but it claims to go down to 100 (although I wonder how much smoke it will produce at low temps - I will try soon

Masterbuilt 20070106 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker, Black

Known for quality and innovation, Masterbuilt's cooking products set the standard. With a powder-coated steel outer body, Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse comes with four smoking racks that allow ample room for turkey, sausage, chicken, ham, pork, fish, jerky, vegetables, and more. It is 100° to 275°F thermostatically controlled for a perfect temperature every time. It features a push-button precision digital control panel and an 0-24 hour digital timer with auto shut-off. It offers a safe and convenient side-loading wood tray. This Smoker has 100-percent insulation for energy-efficient cooking.

BindingLawn & Patio
FeatureMeasures approximately 19-1/2 by 18-2/7 by 34 inches
Height33.9 inches
Length19.5 inches
Width18.3 inches
List Price$359.00
Product GroupLawn & Patio
TitleMasterbuilt 20070106 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker, Black
Material TypeMetal
Material Type Set ElementMetal
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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