Master Forge 31.9-in 800-Watt Electric Vertical Smoker - So far so good!

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Master Forge Electric Cabinet Smoker

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Pros: Easy to Assemble, Good Value, Looks Nice, Works as Advertised

Cons: Hard to Find Online Information (manual mainly), Limited reviews on-line

I still consider myself a newbie at smoking.  Although I have only been smoking for one season, I have learned that temperature regulation is one of the biggest keys to success.  I love my charrgriller with the sfb, but if the wind is blowing I almost always end up finishing a long smoke in the oven.  For this reason alone I decided to get an electric smoker.  I compared models for several days and was pretty well sold on the MES 30.  Unfortunately when I went to pick mine up from the store they were all sold out.  I immediately started running all over town trying to find another.  Eventually I ended up at Lowe's and found the Master Forge 31.9-in 800-Watt Electric Vertical Smoker.  The price was almost identicle ($200) and I like the fact that you can add wood chips without opening the door.  I decided to take a gamble and go with the Master Forge. 


Setup was very easy.  It took a phillips screwdriver and about 30 minutes to assemble.  Most of this time is unpacking and cutting of zip ties. 


So far I have only cooked one brisket with it.  I used the internal probe for temperature measurement, but will be comparing to my remote thermometers.  Taste was good.  Cooking was very easy, It almost felt like cheating, you really just turn it on and wait.  I added woodchips a couple of times and waited for the temp to come up.  It did a great job with temp regulation.  From the front panel it looked like only 5-6 degrees of fluctuation on a cold February day. 


I just bought a half of beef and a half of pork so I am sure the little guy will get plenty of practice.  I will let you all know if I have any problems.  So far I feel very happy with the product. 


I just saw a Masterbuilt 40 at Sam's Club with the clear window. The Master Forge looks identical except for a black front door. The controller, pedestal, and wood chip port, etc. They are the same box.
Any idea where I can find a manual for this smoker......I bought one at Lowe's and it did not have a manual....any help would be appreciated.