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Master Forge Double Door Smoker

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Pros: easy to setup and use

Cons: getting it hot

bought this smoker on a saturday and used it on sunday, like many other reviews ive read i couldnt get it over 200 degrees

waiting for next weekend to come so i can play around with it and try again


i wanted to cook something easy and forgiving so i picked a tritip and it came out good just took a little long to cook, ive read that it should take about 3-4hrs, it took mine about 5 1/2hrs




Were you going by the built in door thermometer? If so, I'm sure it was way off. MF thermometers are notoriously for being inaccurate. Investment in a Maverick ET-732 would be one of the best things you could do to help ensure the time & money you spend on your Q is not wasted. Here's a link to an example of how far off they can be. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/119569/master-forge-door-thermometer
Just purchased the Master Forge a week ago. Having read the comments about the thermometers, I tested it in the oven and was ~100 degrees off. Tinkered around with the adjustment screw in the back and got it within 50 degrees. Smoked a couple of butts this weekend and wisely put an oven thermometer inside. The MF thermometer never got over 200 and on the second hourly check, the inside thermometer was at 275. Have since purchased a 3" River Country and will install this weekend.
I think most of the thermometer's that come with them are not very accurate. on the past smokers and grills I have purchased that was one of the first things I did was to replace the thermometer. Also just a funny note on the last smoker we built I put a very good thermometer on it, seemed to work fine and about four or fives times ago I noticed I could not get the temp up. I tried everything, opening my damper wide open, opening the fire box door, moving my smoker (pretty windy that day) then when I opened the smoke chamber door to spray my apple juice, It hit me MY PROBE WAS TOUCHING THE MEAT !!! talk about feeling really dumb.
Anyway works fine.
I to purchased this same smoker a couple of weeks ago. I am just a beginner to BBQing, and saw a lot of reviews mentioning that this was a good smoker to get your feet wet with, and without spending a lot cash. In the 2 times I have used the smoker, the thermometer was way off, but I had expected that based on reviews. So when I purchased the smoker, I purchased the Maverick ET-732 at the same time. Let me tell you, this thermo made a world of difference. I have smoked 2 chickens, a pound of sausage, and 2 racks of ribs, and they all turned out great. I do notice that the heat fluctuates a bit (about a 20 degree swing back and forth while cooking), so I am still kind of fine tuning to get the temps to even out on a more consistent basis. Unfortunately I live by the ocean, so we always have a constant breeze. Another suggestion I might add to even out the heat, always make sure the water pan is full. On my first cook, my temp dropped considerably when the pan ran out of water. The second time I cooked with it, I maintained the water level and the heat was steady all the way through the cook. Hope you have as much fun cooking with the smoker as I have. Good luck.