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Master Forge Charcoal Smoker


Pros: steady temp

Cons: little flexibility for higher or lower temps.

This is a very good smoker... especially for the price and size. I was skeptical with the limitations for temperature control with limited air vents, etc... but it surprisingly held the temp around 225 jsut fine. So... if you're wanting to do most of your smoking around 225, this unit works just fine for that.


Pros: accessable fire box, tall lid, two well spaced grill grates

Cons: requires $20 in mods to be efficient

I have had this smoker for a year and a half and I love it.  I did the "day-tripper" mods before i ever fired it up and it has been the most easy-to-use smoker ever.  I know what to expect every time I use it.  My results are dependable and consistent.  I would certainly buy this unit again and recommend it to friends; as long as they raise the charcoal grate, add a damper to the lower intake and drill two 1" holes in the lid for exhaust.  This smoker is great.


Pros: cheap, consistent temperature

Cons: no vents

The Master Forge Smoker is designed to hold an internal temperature of 200 degrees. This is why they are no vents for airflow. A couple of things that you can do to increase the internal temperature of the smoker WITHOUT MODS are:

1) many people think the water pan is use to keep the meat moist. Not true. The water pan is used to control temperature inside of the smoking chamber. Use less water and do not use cold water in the pan. An explanation of how this works see Regulating Master Forge Smoker Temperature

2) Since there are no vents for airflow, if you do not want to drill holes and make mods, I've found that you can leave a slight gap when putting the lid of the smoker on. Sure, you'll lose some smoke, but this will allow for vertical airflow.


Pros: Excellent value.

The best deal in smokers, a bargain and easily modified.
I have mine set up so I can bbq with charcoal or smoke sausages, etc, with electric.
I even installed a eye bolt up top so I can hang and smoke a whole 25 lb. ham.


I've used my smoker three times now. For whatever reason I can't seem to keep it above 180 consistently. I've tried more charcoal and less charcoal, always hovers around the 180 mark.

I've read the other posts on here and people aren't having the same issues I am. Any suggestions what I may be doing wrong?


Pros: Inexpensive, better then the ECB

Cons: Small diameter

I purchased this smoker in june and performed the mods from the link below and this has been a great smoker. I am able to maintain temps from 200 to 400 with out any problems, i can do an 8 hour smoke with out having to add any charcoal. I use only lump charcoal and the minion method.



Hope you enjoy yours as much as i do mine!!


Pros: Love the size

Cons: Heat control on long smokes

Seems like it needs more air....thinking of drilling some holes. Thoughts?


Pros: Keeps good temp, smokes great

Cons: builds up ash smothers briquettes

Was given this smoker so for "free" its not bad! Overall a great little smoker all the meats i have cooked have came out great. I did add my own touch by building a raised fire basket which kept 250-300 easy for 10hrs on one 7lb bag of charcol. My first smoker and I will use it as long as i can!!


Pros: Gets the job done and costs $57

Cons: Can't control temperature

I've loved BBQ in Carolina and Texas but never felt confident till I met an expert co-worker. Bought this smoker at Lowe's to get started. First I simultaneously did a chuck roast and a half rack of ribs to see how things would go. YUM!   


So I'm ready for more. Next for me will be a pork shoulder and a brisket (in separate smokes). Wish me luck.


The smoker is pretty good. This time I'll start with a full chimney (used 3/4 last time and later had to add more)...my temp stayed reliably at 200 but not 225-235. My bad, I think.  

Master Forge Charcoal Smoker

Master Forge Vertical Charcoal Smoker

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