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Lang 84 Deluxe


Pros: Excellent Temp Control , Even Temps Side to Side

Cons: no easy place for probes

I ordered my Lang 84 Deluxe w/ Chargriller on April 8,2010 and it was delivered on May 8,2010.

One thing to keep in Mind, Ben's web site says to allow extra time if you are ordering in the spring and he means it. I know folks who got theirs in 7-10 days and it took me a full month to get it.


I can have mine up to temp in around 30 minutes or so and then simply by managing the intake vents she stays right where I want her with minimal effort. I simply add a split every 30 minutes or so and she stays right where I put her.


The side to side temp was also very awesome, I never got more than 5 degrees difference side to side, using 2 Maverick ET-73 thermos. At one point I even had her the same temp side to side for about 1 1/2 hours.


I do not have the same problem as Dutch with the welds, all of mine are done very well. They are all nice and neat, and all of the cuts are smooth as a baby's bottom.


Ben and his crew did an excellent job, and exceeded my every expectation.

He even did a mod for me at no extra charge ( I had the bottom rack made to slide out also )

And he threw in 2 banner poles at no extra charge.


Big Thumbs up to Ben and his crew, and if I ever buy another, it will definitely be a Lang




Pros: Easy temp control, Lots of room

Cons: Price

Great smoker it has lots of room and is very easy to control temps. Pulls well when towing

Lang 84 Deluxe

All new 1/4" rolled plate steel body with all new components. 1/4" plate drip and grease pan are all welded 3 piece construction. Fireboxes constructed of 1/4" plate steel. Handles are 3/8" thick strong back. Trailer is constructed of 3" channel iron and has 15" aluminum wheels with heavy duty trailer tires. Actual Cooking Surface 71 1/4" x 28" 13.79 Sq. Feet Consists of 3 square tubing and heavy mesh racks laid side by side Upper Rack 53 1/2" x 27" 9.95 Sq. Feet One piece sliding rack made of square tubing and heavy mesh Warmer Box 3 Shelves Measuring 13” x 21” * Easy To Use *Easy To Clean *Guaranteed Results

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