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Lang 48 Original


Pros: Reverse Flow, ease of use, consistant results

Cons: Storage

As most Lang owner will tell you these are great smokers.  The reverse flow design provides consistant temps even across the unit within about 12F.  You can run up the temps to 400 plus for grilling or hold a consistant 225F with little problems.  You will need to feed fuel about every 45 minutes to an hour.


The trailer is well built with leaf springs and tire heat gaurds. 


My only complaints are I wish the trailer had more cargo space designed into its construction. I also do not like the upper rack stand alone design and feel the legs get in the way.  I have materials to modify this buy adding a slide out upper rack.   


All in all a great smoker that gets the job done.

Lang 48 Original

All new 1/4" rolled plate steel body with all new components. 1/4" plate drip and grease pan are all welded 3 piece construction. Fireboxes constructed of 1/4" plate steel. Handles are 3/8" thick strong back. Trailer is constructed of 3" channel iron and has 13" aluminum wheels with heavy duty trailer tires. Actual Cooking Surface 22 1/2" x 42 1/2" 6.30 Sq. Feet Consists of 3 square tubing and heavy mesh racks laid side by side Upper Rack One Piece Removable Rack 13 1/2" x 33 1/2" One piece removable rack made of square tubing and heavy mesh

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