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Lang 36 Patio Reviews


Lang 36


Pros: Easy heat control

Cons: Shipping cost

This is the smallest smoker in the Lang family, Ben calls it a small batch cooker and says it will hold 72 lbs of meat. I upgraded to this unit from a BBQ Galore offset and it is a huge upgrade. I follow Ben's advice and get the cooker higher than my cooking temp and let the cool meat bring the temp down to what I want to cook at. It is pretty easy/simple to maintain +/- 5*F of your target cooking temperature. This is a great product and by no means is it a "small" cooker for the backyard barbecuer. Shipping prices hurt a little bit but after you have it sitting at your place and get to cooking on it, you may forget about the price.   I am double impressed that Ben went out of...
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Great Smoker -- Great Value


Pros: Even Heat, Infuses great flavor, built to last forever

Cons: Must learn fire management of a stick burner

I recently purchased a Lang 36 Patio. I Can already tell it was a great buy. The smoker weighs around 650 lbs and is solid as a tank. The welds on it are excellent and it very well constructed. The cooking area requires curing like a cast iron skillet, and after it has cured it is recommended you clean the smoker by getting to ~350 degrees and spray with a water hose (carefully) a little bit to steam clean it.   Once this is done reheat to desired temperature and you can cook with it. the initial fire takes a few pieces of wood (12-15 inch split about size of a soda can in thickness) and when you get to the temp you like it takes another split every 45 minutes to an hour. You will...
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Following the online instructions made setup a breeze. So far all items I have cooked have been great.


Pros: Easy to clean up and keep clean when instructions are followed. Heat control is straight forward. Construction is solid.

Cons: None found yet.

I have cooked up to 37 pounds of pork shoulder at one time. I think this unit would smoke about double that amount without issue. Ribs and whole chicken are the other items I have cooked. These are expensive however I think the smoker will last a very long time compared to the lower cost smokers I had looked at. I went down to Nahunta, GA to pick up at the plant so freight was cost of gas. I do clean after every use.

Some bigger but none better


Pros: Well built, Even temperture. Easy clean up.

Cons: None

Made entirely in USA. Ben and his crew have done a great job bringing us a back yard cooker that is equal to the big cookers in everything but size and cost. I was luck to get mine just before the price increase. Drove down and picked it up to save some on the shipping cost. › Smokers & More › Smokers › Horizontal Offset Smokers › Reverse Flow › Lang 36 Patio › Lang 36 Patio Reviews