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Lang 36 Patio


Pros: Easy heat control

Cons: Shipping cost

This is the smallest smoker in the Lang family, Ben calls it a small batch cooker and says it will hold 72 lbs of meat. I upgraded to this unit from a BBQ Galore offset and it is a huge upgrade. I follow Ben's advice and get the cooker higher than my cooking temp and let the cool meat bring the temp down to what I want to cook at. It is pretty easy/simple to maintain +/- 5*F of your target cooking temperature. This is a great product and by no means is it a "small" cooker for the backyard barbecuer. Shipping prices hurt a little bit but after you have it sitting at your place and get to cooking on it, you may forget about the price.


I am double impressed that Ben went out of his way to make me a Custom 36 Patio, so I could fit it through a 32" door frame, at no extra charge, now that's customer service. I would, and plan to, order from Ben Lang again when I'm ready to add a 2nd and/or bigger smoker.


Pros: Even Heat, Infuses great flavor, built to last forever

Cons: Must learn fire management of a stick burner

I recently purchased a Lang 36 Patio. I Can already tell it was a great buy. The smoker weighs around 650 lbs and is solid as a tank. The welds on it are excellent and it very well constructed. The cooking area requires curing like a cast iron skillet, and after it has cured it is recommended you clean the smoker by getting to ~350 degrees and spray with a water hose (carefully) a little bit to steam clean it.


Once this is done reheat to desired temperature and you can cook with it. the initial fire takes a few pieces of wood (12-15 inch split about size of a soda can in thickness) and when you get to the temp you like it takes another split every 45 minutes to an hour. You will have to learn fire management on a stick burner and use the dampers to control your heat level.


The cook chamber door has two locks and  keeps the cook chamber sealer pretty well. the top rack slides out and is easily removable if you need the height. There is a small opening to the bottom right of the cook chamber with a plug in it that can be removed to use temperature probes in the smoker. The cook chamber can hold probably 4-5 packer briskets depending on size or 4-6 Boston butts depending on size.(manufacturer says 6 cubic feet of area)


The fire box is 17x17 and has small rack in the bottom to give some air under the fire.


The unit weighs a great amount but surprisingly with the 8" tires and locking caster wheels on the lighter end, the unit moves pretty easily. rolling it around the yard or the driveway is not difficult at all. as mentioned the casters lock to put the unit in place and so it doesn't roll away.


There is a steel shelf around the cook chamber which its very handy to hang tools (fire poker, wire brush) and put food and equipment on.


There is a grease drain under the cook chamber. The valve should remain open while in use. you will need place a small pail or bucket to catch grease drippings.


Overall the Lang 36 is a great cooker for feeding a good sized family plus a few more. it well designed for smoking with the reverse flow design and very well built. it does take a little time to master the use of your pit but once you get to know her, she will make the best food you have ever eaten.

I love using my Lang and I have been told by a couple neighbors that they are envious. I highly recommend if you are thinking an offset smoker to go with a Lang!


Pros: Easy to clean up and keep clean when instructions are followed. Heat control is straight forward. Construction is solid.

Cons: None found yet.

I have cooked up to 37 pounds of pork shoulder at one time. I think this unit would smoke about double that amount without issue. Ribs and whole chicken are the other items I have cooked. These are expensive however I think the smoker will last a very long time compared to the lower cost smokers I had looked at. I went down to Nahunta, GA to pick up at the plant so freight was cost of gas. I do clean after every use.


Pros: Well built, Even temperture. Easy clean up.

Cons: None

Made entirely in USA.

Ben and his crew have done a great job bringing us a back yard cooker that is equal to the big cookers in everything but size and cost.

I was luck to get mine just before the price increase.

Drove down and picked it up to save some on the shipping cost.

Lang 36 Patio

All welded construction, 1/4 inch rolled steel, handles are 3/8" thick strong back, BBQ Heat Gauge, Cooking Cylinder, Drip Pans, Firebox, Patio Cart with 8" heavy wheels and numatic tires, Reverse Flow Heat Baffle. Actual Unit Size Length: 70" Height: 73" (at smokestack) Width: 39" Weight: 608 lbs. Bottom (2) Rack: 30" x 18" total Upper Rack: 24" x 12" Cooking Cylinder: 36" x 21 1/2" Firebox: 17" x 17" The 36" smoker cooker holds 60-72 pounds of food with room for more. Can smoke four 10 pound pork butts and two 16 pound briskets at the same time.

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