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Landman USA 3605BGD aka Big Block Reviews


Love the Big Block!


Pros: Size, Cost and Ease of Use

Cons: Crappy Thermometer on Door, Leaks Smoke (not a serious issue) Light weight metal constuction.

I'm going into my third season of use with the Big Block.  Great smoker for the price.  Pretty easy to use.  Does require some tweaking to get the temp set just right.  Love the HUGH cast iron chip box.  Love the four racks with five position in the smoker.  Lends itself well to optional improvements (see the section on propane smokers from the forum for an endless list of potential projects and mods) but works just fine without any modifications.   As long as your willing to use digital thermometers to monitor the internal and meat temps you can't go wrong with this smoker as a choice for a propane powered unit.  Get the BIG BLOCK and never look back!  The best deal for under...
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GOSM Big Block


Pros: Large Heavy Duty Cast Iron Chip Box, Relatively small footprint in relation to cooking area, Slideout chip box grate, Large porcelain coated water pan

Cons: Minor Temp Variances

My ratings are based on Performance and Quality related to Price, for $200.00 you can't go wrong.   Click the link below for my thoughts on the 3605BGD.   On the Blog there is a TAKE ME BACK section just click on SMF to go back to the forum, use your back button to return here unless your browser opens another tab. GOSM Big Block Blog

Big Block


Pros: Ease of use, produces good smoke

Cons: Bulky, No door seal,

Great overall smoker. Have smoked chicken, pork, turkey, beef ribs, pork ribs, and brisket. I wish the door would seal better or come equipped with a seal. A lot of smokes leaks from the door. Thermometer is about 25 degrees off so I compensate using a couple oven thermometers. Those are the only shortcomings I have found with this smoker. 

#7 !!???


Pros: Huge - Cast Iron wood box only needs 1 load - Grease Management - Did I Mention HUGE!

Cons: Poor Door Thermometer ( Replaced with River Country Gauge )

Can't believe the BB is only #7 - I have had 2 other propane smokers ( 1 small GOSM and 1 "other" brand ) - Have had my BB for 3 years now and LOVE IT!!!   Had to smoke some ribs for a big charity event last weekend and with my rib racks did 12 full racks of spares ( no cutting up ) - If you cook for large events or for the freezer this cooker rocks!  9 boston butts - 4 full size packer briskets - etc.   And the heavy cast iron wood box holds a ton of chunks ( chips if you want ) - No grease on the deck with the bottom grease catcher and deflectors.   Don't know how the newer Landmann's are but this thing is built to last and even when I get my BGE this...
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Bass Pro Shops model


Pros: Holds temperature, so much room hard to fill up completely

Cons: Vents do not completely close

I received this as a wedding present last July. For my rehearsal dinner I smoked a 9 pound brisket, 8 racks of ribs and 10 lbs of German Sausage. It was great. I have also smoked 5 chickens at one time for a Christmas party.  Line the water pan with aluminum foil will really help with cleanup. Wood box is big enough that you shouldn't have to reload, after a certain point you have got all the smoke into the meat as you can. This box is big enough that if you fill with wood chunks, chunks not chips, & dry not wet (maybe 1/3 wet) you will have all the smoke you need. Drip pan is great.  Landmann is great customer service.  This is the unit to have for me....
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Loving it


Pros: HUGE! Pan on bottom to catch drippings. Huge chip box

Cons: Had to call and get a new regulator. Temperatures take a little longer to get back up to temp, but for the size, it is expected. door is off a bit.

I ended up ordering this from Landmann. It shipped out and I received it in great condition. Setup is a breeze.  Initially, the flames were really yellow. I emailed the company explaining it wasstraight out of the box and sent some pictures of the flame.  They promptly got back to me and sent out the part. Since then I can get below 200.  Only mod so far is I put a seal on the door.  Even with the door sealed I can still see some smoke coming out from around it, but not like it did.  I will eventually gently hammer the door in shape. The size of the chip box has meant longer smoke, with less opening.  This has been the gasser I wanted and I finally...
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