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Landman USA 3405BGW 34" Gas One Door Wide Vertical Smoker


Pros: Cost and Size

Cons: Slight Grease Leaks


I’ve only used the smoker a few times now, but have been very pleased so far and the cost vs. value cannot be beat. There have been comments on the net that the Walmart version is not the same as comes direct from Landman. Landman said the 3405BGW at Walmart is the EXACT same product they sell. Walmart (and others) buy in bulk and hence the cheaper price. The construction material  is the same as it is the SAME product. The Price was dropped from $159 as Landman is discontinuing the 3405BGW and replacing it with the 3495BGW. The difference is the Walmart version has a smaller smoker box (from what I can tell from the picture). The water pan is the same. I can buy a large cast iron box for $14, and an extra shelf for $15. I can add side vents and a chimney for less than $5. Even adding all that, I still save $130 over the 3495. As far as the drip management goes, every forum I have read states the added side deflectors and drip tray is nice, but can easily be replicated with foil or easy added mods. My neighbor uses foil and it works fine. Lastly, gaining two more inches height  wise would get me an extra shelf and room for two more slabs, but I cannot justify $389 more for the 3695BGW aka Big Block. For that price, I can buy two 34” smokers.


My first use was to season the smoker. It was mid 80’s and with water in the pan, and the top vent open, I ran between 260 and 275 Mind you, my temps were taken mid box with a Maverick. The door thermometer is 10-25 degrees off at best. I figured adding meat would definitely make a difference, but not enough to get me low 200’s if need be in the summer, so I added a needle valve. This mod cost me less than $8-A brass needle valve, two hose couplings, and two hose clamps. 10 minutes-Done!


My first real smoke was with three Cornish hens on a 95 degree day. I EASILY kept a 275 temp and TBS the entire time.


Second smoke was next day with 4 slabs ribs. Two full slabs fit easily on each rack and you can get 8 full slabs flat if you buy an extra rack from Landman. Mind you, the slabs just poke over the rack rails, but who cares, no problem. Although it did take a little playing around, within 15 minutes I had the temp dialed in and running between 225-and 235. I only opened the door once per hour to check my wood chunks. I had planned to buy a bigger pan, but this one so far works fine. Two large chunks gave me just over an hour of smoke which was perfect. My last remnants of TBS died at 2:45, which was fine for my 3-2-1 ribs.


Only con is grease drips down the legs-not a ton, but enough I either need a mat or put foil inside. No biggie. I have MINIMAL smoke leakage from the door, and when the top vent is wide open, I have almost none. I may add side vents, but so far I have not needed them.


Pros: easy to use

Cons: Limited space

This is my first smoke and I like it so far.  Seams to be easy to use but I am having trouble dialing in the tepm to stay were I want it.  Very happy with it though.


Pros: Inexpensive, handles full rack of ribs, stable

Cons: regulator freezes up in cold weather, needs insulation to control temperature fluctuations, need pan to manage grease

For the money, great smoker.  Needs modifications (like most steel box smokers) to improve the temperature control (insulation, etc.,.).  The GOSM "Big Block" has the drip pan and lips to manage grease - this unit does not.  Without a pan, grease pools in bottom and runs down legs - you can mitigate this by inexpensive foil pan to catch grease.  You can smoke 6 full racks of ribs flat, 12 with rib racks.  Note: 18,000 BTU brass burner is same as "Big Block."


Pros: small light weight but hoolds temp really good

Cons: not having 2 of them


I have one of theses smokers. Now I just use it for sausage and bacons but for yearsit was my work horse smoker. I used it for years and to great results. It held temp really good and I did replace the chip pan to a larger pan. I you want to learn to smoke or just smoke some small meals this is you smoker.


Pros: Very portable and lots of room compared to smaller units of the same manufacture

Cons: None for what it is

I recieved this from wife and children for Fathers day. I also have the smaller version but was disapointed when I started doing briskets. This larger model is awsome for briskets and anything short of a half a hog that I smoke. The smaller unit had to have a 10" cast iron skillet to replace the chip box. The newer larger unit has a reasoably sized cast iron pan stock that does the job fine. The only negative I can say is with the smoker likes to be full. It just seems to smoke better at a more even temp than when it only has one piece of meat in it. Would also be nice if they would just go ahead and put a finer gas control on these stock. The stock valve is fine, I just like to dial into the degree.


Pros: Easy to use

Cons: Have to cut most racks of ribs to fit

Great smoker I've had mine several years and it still works great

Landman USA 3405BGW 34" Gas One Door Wide Vertical Smoker

The Smoky Mountain Gas Smoker is made of sturdy steel construction with a full front door to provide easy access to add wood, water or to check on food. It provides 667 square inches of smoking surface with four adjustment levels for the cooking grates. Plus, the Smoky Mountain Gas Smoker makes a great addition to any outdoor gathering with heavy duty handles for easy transport. Smoky Mountain Gas Smoker: Heavy gauge steel cooking cabinet with easy access large front door Cool grip front door wire handle Porcelain coated water pan for easy cleanup Cast iron smoker box 3 cooking grates and 4 adjustment levels Rotary knob ignition Cast brass burner for long life Heavy duty side carrying handles Adjustable damper for ultimate temperature control Total dimensions are 25" x 18" x 43.25" (includes legs and handles) Box only dimensions are 20" x 14" x 34" Wide stance leg design for stability 18,000 BTU Smoky Mountain Gas Smoker has a 667 sq. in. cooking area

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