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A Review On: Kingsford 30520 Competition Briquets, 11.1-Pound Bag

Kingsford 30520 Competition Briquets, 11.1-Pound Bag

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Pros: Top quality, great price

Cons: Expensive when not on sale.

I bought a couple of bags, on sale, for about $3.99 a bag, for use on the 4th of July.  Unfortunately, as I bought it to take over to my brother's house, as part of my contribution to the effort, it didn't get used, so I don't know how this stuff cooks.  My brother, unexpectedly, had other plans, and got up early to get the barbecue done before I even got over there.  However, since I know it's a good product, and Labor Day is only a few weeks off, I know it will keep in the trunk of my car until we do use it.  I had some regular Kingsford charcoal in my trunk for about a year before we got around to using it, on Memorial Day, and the barbecue was awesome as usual, so I have no worries about this keeping until it gets used.  The regular price for this charcoal, where I bought it, is about $7.99 a bag; so I can't wait for it to go on sale again.  thumb1%20copy.gif  


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