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A Review On: Kingsford 30520 Competition Briquets, 11.1-Pound Bag

Kingsford 30520 Competition Briquets, 11.1-Pound Bag

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Pros: Burns Hot

Cons: Expensive, Coals Start "Shrinking" Before I Dump Them Out Of Chimney

Kingsford's changed the name of this from Competition to Professional. These have been my go-to charcoal briquettes for a few years since, as the title states, Costco sells this in a 2-pack. If you wait for the sale, you're now buying outstanding charcoal at a great price. They burn really hot, but I notices that the briquettes are noticeably smaller if I wait a bit too long before dumping them out of the chimney starter. They also don't stay hot enough long enough to get very far when cooking low and slow. But recently I cooked steaks a couple of nights in a row. After I pulled the steaks there was plenty of heat left to cook asparagus spears for one dinner and then corn on the cob on the 2nd night.


I used to buy original Kingsford charcoal in the blue and white bag. After each winter I'd open the bag and see the briquettes covered in green mold. This year, after experiencing among the wettest and snowiest winters the Puget Sound area has ever had, I looked in my the Kingsford charcoal caddy that houses the charcoal leftover from last year. They all like look like I just poured them out of a fresh bag. I'll continue to buy the Professional charcoal when Costco has them on sale. Otherwise, I buy Stubb's Charcoal. 


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