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Horizon 16" Classic Backyard Smoker Reviews


Horizon 16" Classic Review


Pros: Quality, Efficiency, Appearance

Cons: Capacity

  Overview   I’ve been eager to share my thoughts on my purchase as this forum was a great resource when I was shopping for a new smoker and I’d like to contribute my experience.    Here in Portland, quality BBQ products aren’t as easy to come by as you may get in other parts of the country.  There’s the big box retailers like Home Depot and Lowes and some local shops but they mostly focus on direct gas grills.  Fortunately, after some online searches I found a local true BBQ business just outside of town called Sam’s Northwest BBQs, and along with other products Sam happens to be an authorized reseller for Horizon.  This led me to research...
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Excellent Smoker


Pros: Sturdy, Durable, Easy to Use

Cons: Expensive but worth it

After much research and debating whether or not to purchase this smoker, I finally pulled the trigger last week.  Options for a heavy duty 1/4" steel offset smokers are few and far between where I live in Colorado.  I was actually considering hooking up a trailer and driving to Kansas or Oklahoma to find a smoker.  But in the end that would have been more expensive than driving down the road to Bass Pro and getting the Horizon Classic.   I've been really impressed with how heavy duty this smoker is and the quality of the welds.  It's very well put together and I have a feeling it will last me for a long long time.   After getting it home and doing a...
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Excellent Value for a traditional smoker


Pros: No assembly required,solid build, american built

Cons: Deflector should be standard

I've been using a Weber Kettle and a Brinkman water smoker for years. The products - smoked ribs and brisket were all right but not great. Finally decided to get a real smoker. Researched the Internet,read several books and decided that an offset smoker was what I needed. Again researched the Internet and since I live in Kansas City went to several retail BBQ stores and saw what was offered. Over a lifetime of trying to get the best for the money I've discovered that when I compromise for a $ savings over what I can see is better quality I have ended up buying twice. When I've researched and bought the best I never have to upgrade. I decided that either the Horizon or Yoder smokers were...
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Good Choice


Pros: High Quality Solid Construction

Cons: not reverse flow

I'm not going to repeat everything in all the other reviews. Suffice to say, this is a very good, small entry level offset. If I had it to do over again I would probably wait and save up the extra bucks for the Ranger model. The only drawback is that it is not reverse flow, but that is remedied quite well by the convection plate. If this is your first smoker, be aware that there is a learning curve with each type of fuel you use. I strongly reccomend doing a dry run with each fuel choice before loading it up with meat. My experience is that a variety of factors go into how it reacts depending on fuel, dampers, location, and others. Like a shake down cruise for a boat, doing dry...
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Best Smoker For The Money


Pros: Top Quality, Made In The USA, Will Last A Lifetime

Cons: None

I was in my local Bass Pro when I saw the Horizon 16" Classic Smoker. What I liked about it initially was how heavy the smoker lid was when I opened it. It is 1/4 inch steel throughout and was impressed with the quality. It comes completely assembled and with nothing to put together. I was able to talk the Store Manager to delivering it for free and he did that very afternoon. It comes completely assembled on a pallet. I seasoned it and smoked my first ribs and brisket on it. They came out incredible. I have been using the MES and was not happy with the flavor I was getting from just the wood chips and pellets. This has smoked the best Brisket, Ribs, Chicken, and Pork I have ever done....
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