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H-E-B Sear 'n Smoke Ranch Series


Pros: None

Cons: cheap quality. Has some major defects that affect it's overall performance.

I purchased this smoker and was extremely disappointed with it.  I could not even get it fully put together before I decided that it had to go back to HEB.  The first issue I had when putting it together was that the bottom shelf would not line up with the holes in the legs.  I got three out four bolts in, but there was no way to put the last one in.  OK, I can possibly live with that.  The next issue was the deal breaker.  The firebox lid had a one inch gap on the right hand side of the opening.  I looked for a way to possibly fix it but could not find one.  

This is a very heavy piece, it weighs about 260 pounds.  It will take two men to lift into or onto a truck or flat bed.


Bottom line up front:  Steer clear of this smoker.  You will very frustrated with the poor quality and defects you will find in it.


Pros: Heavier duty than a Char Griller

Cons: Not a 'life time' smoker. It will wear out.

Smoked for the first time on this smoker this weekend.  Held heat well for what it is, and was able to bring to temp and keep it there fairly quickly.  The gauge of metal is a bit thin, and the doors don't seal very good, but with a few tweaks, I can see this as worth the $$ spent.

As with any smoker like this, I seasoned it and wiped it down with oil before actually cooking on it.


H-E-B Sear 'n Smoke Ranch Series

Sear 'n Smoke Ranch Series is a smoker sold only at H-E-B stores. They are a horizontal smoker with a Side Fire Box, slide out grates in the main chamber as well as in the SFB for direct grilling.

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