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GrillPro 31845 Heavy-Duty Vertical Propane Smoker

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #19 in Propane Smokers


Pros: well built, easy to use

Cons: instructions to put together are quite lacking! Door shuts very hard also.

I am hopeful that this will be a smoker I can use for years to come and that I will learn how to use it correctly. On setting Low (being the lowest flame you can get from the burner) The temp seemed to stay around 225 pretty consistently on about a 65 degree day with little to no wind. Once deciphering of pictures to complete construction was complete (some frustration with poor instructions, they seemed to put so much care into the manual overall but really could have made the process so much simpler) I was happy with the overall look and feel of completed smoker. Not sure if I trust the temp gauge in the door as I have to push so hard to close it, I think it may have knocked the temp gauge out of commission.


Pros: Simple to use, Easy to clean, Easy to place food, Stainless Racks

Cons: Cast Iron Smoke Box, Sticky Door, Access to Water Pan & Smoke Box

Well I never thought I would writting a review being such a new smoker but I guess our opinion matters as well.


I purchased this unit because I wanted a smoker but didnt want to deal with tending to a wood fire. I also didnt want to spend to much to start.



-The unit is very easy to start and the burner provides more than enough heat to get you up and running in no time at all. I found that during the smoking time I barely had the dial turned from the lowest setting.

-The unit is large enough that I was able to do 12 slabs of ribs that were fairly large. 3per Rack

-Stainless racks make it very easy to clean.

-Construction is solid no flimsy parts.

-Large Smoke box, you can use chunks of wood as well (Approx 1Hr usage)



-The unit cost $299 CAD Average Price



-The unit was completly unassembled, it was lengthy to assemble.

- If you read my roll call you will know the issue with the temp gauge on the door LOL.

-Propane dial/regulator needs to adjusted so that you have more adjusment in the heat control.

-Very thick Cast Iron Smoke box, takes long time to get smoke.

-Single Door construction the whole assembly is wide open when added water or chips so your smoker drops temp quickly, but does recover quick.

-Only one smoke vent.


Mods or Recommendations

-I Think the first mod that I would do is to change out the thick Cast Iron smoke box with a thinner one so I can get smoke quicker.

-I would like to see a split door so that you can add water or chips without open whole unit.

-Add a vent or hole that you can pass the temp gauge through, the door seems to pinch the wires.


With all of that said I am very picky and I think the average user would find this unit very user friendly.


Happy smoking


Pros: good results and in my price range

Cons: Door closes kind of hard am thinking of screwing it to the deck when my wife is working lol

Overall I'm happy  I am kinda of new to smoking so it seems like a good smoker checked out some other smokers seemed the door was loose on alot of them, the door on this one closes kind of hard but oh well it's tight 


Pros: Easy to use. Easy to control heat. Lots of room.

Cons: Door is prone to sticking, making it difficult to open

I was able to purchase my GrillPro Smoker at Menards in Grand Forks, North Dakota at what I consider a great price.  Although this is my first smoker, it is easy to use and have had considerable success in the short time I have owned this product.


The heat is easy to control and the smoker contains a great deal of room for your favorite cuts of meat etc. I look forward to a long and productive relationship with my new smoker.


Pros: Good value. Very simple to use.

Cons: Door doesn't work very well.

I used a Brinkman Smoke-n-Grill for 20 years. I haven't used the GrillPro very much yet, but I liked the idea of opening a door and having everything right there. The door is a bit sticky, the unit needs to be sitting just right to square the door opening. The heat control works good. There seems to be plenty of capacity for producing heat. I like the multilevel racks. Good smoker/cooker all around, IMHO.
GrillPro 31845 Heavy-Duty Vertical Propane Smoker

The Vertical Propane Smoker features a 24 gauges welded steel 4.4 cu. Ft. cook box with 17,000 BTU stainless steel burner, QCC1 hose and regulator, rotary Piezo ignition system, infinitely variable heat control valve, 3 fully adjustable chrome cooking grids, 12 stainless meat hanging hooks, porcelain coated steel water bowl and drip pan. Heavy duty cast iron smoker box, adjustable side and rear air vents for precision heat control and door mounted Accu-Temp Thermometer.

BindingLawn & Patio
FeatureMeasures approximately 25 by 22 by 43-1/2 inches
Height43.5 inches
Length25 inches
Weight42.5 pounds
Width22 inches
Product GroupLawn & Patio
TitleGrillPro 31845 Heavy-Duty Vertical Propane Smoker
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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