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GrillPro 31840 Heavy-Duty Vertical Charcoal Smoker Reviews


How to make this smoker useable


Pros: Everything there to modify, rack space

Cons: Bad engineering

This smoker really does suck... that having been said, the basics are all there for you to make it useful.  As you will find out, if you use it in it's recommended configuration, you will find it very difficult to get this baby up to 200 degrees F.  The good thing is that you can pick them up used on craigslist for a steal! SO, you must rearrange it a bit to make it useable.  Step 1)  leave the charcoal tray where it is... on the bottom.  It will now become your ash collection tray.  Step 2)  go out and buy one of those inverse pyramid looking vegetable cooking baskets for the grill - the one with all of the holes in it, and handles on either side (for...
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GrillPro 31840 Awesome but I did modify


Pros: Easy use and setup

Cons: Lost heat and smoke

I ended up just doing my mods for this unit, I added a door seal and latchs to keep the door shut. Should help with the heat and smoke. Over all the smoker has worked ok, was never happy about the amount of smoke coming out the door. I think I lost heat too. Never the less it got the job done.  
tommyboy mokena

OK Starter Model


Pros: Cost, size

Cons: Heat loss, thermometer

Being a part time "smoker", I was looking for something that was easier to use than the standard Brinkman tube (which had finally given up on me after 10 years) when I saw this on sale at a big box store outside of Chicago.  It looked great - plenty of room, no need to pull half the thing apart when adding charcoal, easy to baste on all layers.  Since I usually smoke a large turkey and ham for Easter, this looked like it would be a hit.   I got it home, and I have to admit, it went together fairly easily without any problems/dents/missing parts.  I seasoned it with half a bag of lump charcoal, and that's when I realized that the thermometer sucked.  It...
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Pros: lots of room

Cons: does not hold heat needs lots of mods to work properly

all I can say is it is very similar to the brinkman that looks just like it and the same mods are required. I have been following brinkman threads to figure mine out

grillpro smoker


Pros: size

Cons: temp maintainence

I received this as a christmas present a couple years ago, and have found that it doesn't maintain it's heat very well.  Although I have not given up on it, I have heard of some options for getting it to hold heat better that I have yet to try: using wood instead of charcoal, & only opening vents partially at bottom instead of wider.

OK but not great


Pros: Low price, large capacity, cast iron wood chip box

Cons: Poor heat control, leaky door, cheap thermometer

I got one one of these on sale at a big box hardware store in Michigan.  The first thing I did was mount it on a 3/4" plywood platform with casters and install a side shelf.  That made it mobile and a little easier to work with.  After a couple of uses I decided that the door was too leaky so I made a gasket out of hi temp RTV and installed a latch to keep it closed tight.  After all that, it was starting to get cold outside in Michigan.  That's when I discovered how difficult it was to get the thing up to temperature and hold it there due to the heat loss through the thin metal doors.  Wrapping with blankets helped, but it was a struggle to keep the temp up, especially when using the...
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