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Grill Pro 31816 16-Inch Smoker

25% Positive Reviews


Pros: Low cost but it does produce smoke

Cons: Almost impossible to maintain heat

 1 of my favorite things to do is smoke meat. I have 3 smokers that I really enjoy. Smoking meat is an art that most serious smokers work hard to perfect.Temp is a huge factor in the smoking process and if you are a beginner I will say that this is not what you are looking for . Unless of course you like finishing meat in the oven


Pros: Small, Cheap

Cons: Low Quality, Poor Airflow, Hard to Keep Heat Up

Got this as a gift, it was cheap and on clearance.  It really needs modifications if you want to use it for more than burgers and hotdogs.  As a smoker, there is no way to control airflow, so you'll have to drill holes in the bottom charcoal pan.  Small cooking area.  Hard to keep the heat up for anything longer than 2-3 hours.  Not terrible for the price, but if you want to smoke on a regular basis, you might as well spend some more money and get a quality smoker.


Pros: Small, light and portable

Cons: Hard to control temps, to small, doesn't hold heat well.

My in-laws bought this smoker for my brother in law because it was cheap and on sale. I helped him fire it up over Xmas and if you ask me its a piece of crap. Very thin metal and very cheaply constructed. I guess if you were only going to smoke a few times a year and you were new to smoker maybe it would be something to look at but still I wouldn't spend the money on the unit. There are no air intake holes to try and control your heat so we drilled some holes and tried to regulate the airflow by putting magnets over the holes but even with that the temps  were high then low and you can't get much of any lump in the bottom so you have to add more pretty frequently. I told the brother in law to chuck this baby and spend a little bit of money and get something more reliable.


Pros: Convenient and portable. We use it when we travel

Cons: Can't produce enough heat to satisfactorily cook meat

I have only used the smoker twice, so far. The first smoke worked great for a corned beef brisket. I just tried baby back ribs, and could not get the temperature to exceed 150 degrees.


It is my first smoker, and could use some tips.

Grill Pro 31816 16-Inch Smoker

GrillPro's 16-inch traditional vertical smoker is the one smoker you need for perfect barbecue. It features a high heat enamel finish and charcoal access door. It has 2 - 16-inch diameter cooking grids and a lid mounted heat indicator, as well as a porcelain coated water and charcoal bowl.

BindingLawn & Patio
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Height16 inches
Length16 inches
Weight16 pounds
Width8 inches
LabelGrill Pro
List Price$79.99
ManufacturerGrill Pro
Product GroupLawn & Patio
PublisherGrill Pro
StudioGrill Pro
TitleGrill Pro 31816 16-Inch Smoker
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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