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Grill Pod

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Grill Pod

If you've never experienced meat, pork or poultry cooked on a California Kamado, You've never tasted good Barbecue! The California Kamado does it all! Grill Sear Bake Smoke Simply the best for mouth watering... Steaks Chops Chicken Turkey Fish Shrimp Jerky Game Casseroles Breads & Vegetables Use the California Kamado anytime, any season at any outside temperature. The insulating characteristics of ceramics keeps the heat in and the weather out. Sear meats at 600-750° keeping the juices where they belong... in the meat. Cook perfect steaks in 6 minutes, a little longer for more well done. Temperature control is a snap with the easily adjustable top and bottom dampers, accurate to within 8-10 degrees. The California Kamado is self cleaning, the internal heat burns off the grease build-up. With the California Kamado you grill great tasting steaks in 8 minutes or less. Slow cook baby back ribs and the meat falls off the bone. Youre going to love freshly baked breads cooked in the California Kamado. Whatever you cook, from steaks to breads, youre going to love the great taste! Especially when you add your favorite sauce or spices. Your California Kamado comes complete with cart, 2 side trays, adjustable top vent, thermometer, plate setter and pizza stone. Buy the California Kamado now for only $685.00 Comparable Kamado products retail for $1,010.00 or more.

BrandCalifornia Kamado
FeatureMeat Stays Moist!
Height47 inches
Length23 inches
Weight212 pounds
Width23 inches
List Price$684.99
Package Quantity1
Product GroupLawn & Patio
TitleGrill Pod
Material Type100% Ceramic Kamado
Material Type Set Element100% Ceramic Kamado
WarrantyWe guarantee against defects.
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC