Pros: Great temp control. Made very well. Very easy to use. I use it to cook everything. Veggies, meat, etc.

Cons: I now have a 4 burner grill on my deck that I don't use

Great bang for the buck.  All you do is turn it on to the temp you want, and wait for it to heat up....  Stays with in 1 degree of your target temp... I am on my 4th 40 lb. bag of pellets.  Everything I cook comes out very juicy.


Pros: Ease of use, Easy temp control, remote control is great, easy to clean, excellent food,

Cons: none

I have owned my Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone model for almost a year.  I must say that it is by far the easiest smoker that I have ever used.  There is nothing that you cannot do on this grill.  You can smoke low and slow, and even sear steaks.  The temp range is between 150 and 500 degrees.  The temperature is so easy to control.  All you have to do is set the controller at your desired temp and the control maintains its temperature.  I have used it for smoking pork bellies, salmon, sausages, turkeys, hams, chickens, and fish...All with great results!  The remote control unit is so easy to use.  It makes it very conducive to sit inside and watch those sunday football games and smoking food.  You can control the temperatures from the remote control and also monitor the internal temp with the meat probe that is included with this grill.    I have done long overnight cooks such as briskets and Boston Butts with no problems at all.  There is plenty of space in the pellet hopper for those long overnight cooks.  The remote control will let you know if your pellets are running low.  In my opinion this is a great deal for the money.  I absolutely love using this grill!  The food turns out awesome every time.  I have even made lasagna and pizzas on the grill too, yes you can even bake on these grills.  It is pretty much like a convection oven.  The steaks that come off of these grills are so juicy and flavorful.  After grilling on this grill I will never use a propane grill again!   There is plenty of room on the grill.  I have done 8 boston butts at once in my Daniel Boone.  The pulled pork is amazing.  Folks if you are looking at a pellet grill I strongly urge you to consider the Green Mountain Grill!  I also bought the insulated grill cover for my grill.  I live near Green Bay, Wisconsin and our winters are quite frigid.  This insulated grill cover easily payed for itself by reducing the amount of pellet usage during the winter months.  As far as cleaning goes i just use a shop vac to suck up the pellet ash from the bottom of the pit. 


Pros: Easy to use, holds temp, well built.

Cons: None

I've had my Daniel Boone for 3 years or so. Smoked countless briskets, pork butts, turkey, tri tip, prime ribs, summer sausage, pepperoni, brats, jerky, fish....the list goes on and on. Always has given me excellent results. I don't even use my old gas bbq anymore. I liked this smoker so much I went out and bought the Davey Crockett so I could use it while camping. When i was getting ready to buy, I had my heart set on a Treager because of the name,  but a friend of mine had a Green Mountain and said I should go with a GMG - so I did and don't regret it one bit. I modified mine by installing 3 stainless steel rods inside towards the top the smoker so I can hang jerky and summer sausages. Works Great. I didn't buy the Wi-Fi grill as i already bought a wi-fi thermometer that works great for 35 bucks.


Pros: WiFi Control, Full of Features, Meat Probe Thermometer, Start Up and Shut Down Processes, Easy to Update Firmware, Easy Assembly, Large Inside Height

Cons: None So Far

I just got a GMG Daniel Boone WiFi model about 3 weeks, for a pellet smoker under $1000 there is nothing to beat it.  I compared hard against the Traeger and there is just no comparison the GMG far out feature and out perform the Traegers  I have used mine 2-3 times a week so far and have done Beer Can Chicken, Pork Butt, Chicken Wings, Chicken Breasts, Burgers, Beef Roast, Roasted Green Beans, Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts, Potatoes, and even baked bread.  Everything has come out perfect, love the built in meat thermometer and WiFi control means I can check in on my grill and meat while watching the game or race.  Absolutely no complaints


Pros: By far the best two grills i have ever owned! Wireless and control of heat anf flavor is the best!

I own two GMG Grills and they blow the competition away by a long shot. Thicker gauge steel with precise control functions

and especially the wireless setup. All of my recipes come out perfect. You can smoke your meat at 190 degrees or sear a steak at 500 degrees

with no problem.


Pros: Well Built, Stable Temperature Control, Versatility

Cons: Typical Pellet Grill Hot Spots

This grill is a great value and has increased our smoking habit 5X at our house. Set and forget temp control... mine is always +/- 2 degrees from setting. I have an MES40 which I still use at times, but this gets much more use since we can cook just about anything on it, steaks, veggies, shrimp, chops + all of the typical smoked goodies.... and believe what you hear about take and bake pizza & bacon.. wow

It will produce a lighter smoke than a stick smoker but less concern about over smoking. If I want to add more smoke I use the AMAZN Pellet Smoker in conjunction with it. The remote control seems like overkill, but get it anyway... I did a butt overnight last weekend and it was great.. ribs have been good and brisket too. You will need to learn where the hot spots are but that is no big deal. I have used this almost daily since last spring with zero problems. I have never needed support but if you look around you will see that it is top shelf. I have become fond of the 100% pellets such as hickory, Cherry, Apple and Mesquite (Lumber Jack) I also like the Green Mountain Blend if you enjoy blends.

Mrs. Wino had nothing to do with my other smokers. Now she wants to smoke everything.

Recommended accessories: Frogmats & GrillGrates

Definitely worth a look...


Pros: Very easy to use. Decent heat control. Nice extra features. Good build quality.

Cons: Takes a little work to know the grills temps and issues



I've had the GMG Daniel Boone grill since the beginning of February.  It's been used in temps down to zero without any problems using the GMG insulating cover. 


What I like about pellet grills is their ease of use and the quality of food it produces.  As with any new grill you need to run it with a good grill thermometer. This will give you an idea of any hot spots or uneven heat distribution on the grill surface.  I use a Maverick ET-732 dual probe set to help with the process.  A bit of tinkering gets a heat profile across the grill within 10 to 15 degrees across the surface.  The ability to set the temps and have them stay in a very narrow range around the set temp is a great feature of these grills.  The digital controller constantly adjusts the pellet auger and fans to maintain your chosen temp.  


Some of the extra features I like are:

1. The "Turbo Mode" uses a different starting algorithm to start the grill on cold (below +35 degrees) days.  The grill heats quickly and reaches temp as if its a normal spring or summer day.  I live in Minnesota so this helps in the winter.  

2. The available remote works very well. It's really nice not having to get out of the warmth of the house to check the grill when it's cold out.  It controls the up and down temp changes and has a display for the...

3. Integrated food temperature probe.  A port on the front of the hopper mounted controller attaches the probe to the grill and the other end measures your food temps.  It works well and displays the information in the controller and remote. 

4. The insulating cover cuts down on pellet usage in cold weather by keeping heat from escaping and cooling the barrel.  The door fits well with no warpage or major smoke leaks. 

5. The auger and hopper feed the pellets on signal from the controller. The system has been reliable so far with only one auger stoppage that required a strip down to unstick the auger.  From what I've read this is not an uncommon occurrence in pellet grills so I can't really complain too much about it. 


In the interest of full disclosure I have had to replace the controller once when the grate temps were running 80-100 degrees hotter than the controller displayed.  A call to GMG had a new controller on the way which cleared up the issue immediately.  


The food cooked on the grill has been excellent.  Low temp smoking of ribs and high temp grilling of steaks has been a real treat.  Remember it does take a while to get the best performance from any grill and this is no exception.  I still have a lot to learn but I'm looking forward to some really good meals while I get it figured out...


Pros: Good on the wallet, makes good BBQ when it works, great customer service, many options and upgrades, and nice size cooking area

Cons: Cheaply made (parts made in China), unreliable, poor temp controls - needed constant tinkering to obtain desired temp

I purchased my Jim Bowie non-wifi unit approximately 30 days ago. I was so elated when I picked it up from the dealer. It took my wife and I about 20 minutes to assemble it. Burn in was smooth and easy but then the problems began...


I purchased 2 oven therms and I already had a ChefAlarm grate probe so I immediately started testing the pit. Learned like most other owners left side is cooler than right side. For mine it was anywhere from 25 - 100 degrees difference across the grate. More importantly, the temp on the digital control never matched the actual temp at the grate. It was always off anywhere from 50 - 100 degrees. So I had to dial in a higher number to get the actual desired temp I needed; i.e. I want to smoke meat at 225 I would have to set the digital control to 300. I ended up buying one of the downdraft mods hoping it would cure my temp issues. It did somewhat but my temps were never accurate. I always had to tinker with the heat shield, vent on the down draft mod, digital control, etc to get things dialed in. Once I did, then the JB did a pretty decent job of holding the desired temp through the entire smoke. Also, don't rely on the standard meat probe. Mine was always off by 5 - 20 degree so I ended up never using it.


Later on I discovered via GMG customer service my unit was shipped with the wrong heat shield. I thought for sure once I got the replacement my temps would be more spot on. No such luck. I still had to tinker and the digital controller temp never was accurate with the actual grate temp. If i didn't have those oven therms and CheftAlarm grate probe all of my cooks would have come out poorly. Either underdone or overcooked.


Moving forward, so this past Thursday I am getting ready to have a great BBQ/grilling weekend on the JB. It's Veteran's Day weekend and I got all kinds of goodies in our extra freezer just waiting to get on the JB. Wife and I hit up Costco the weekend before in preparation for this weekend. Chicken wings, pork butt, salmon, steaks and a brisket flat. None of it got cooked. 


I start up my JB to smoke chicken wings for Thursday night supper. While in mode 1, I hear this metal grinding noise and then a pop. I let the JB finish its start-up mode but the temp never goes past 111. I had dialed in 310 because I wanted my wings to be smoked at 275. So I go through the shutdown process, remove everything in the pit to get to the firepot. Notice right away there's no pellets in the firepot so I restart. This time the auger, auger motor and fan don't even turn on. Make a long story short, 45 minutes later after most of the smoker is un-assembled and I'm on the phone with GMG customer service, I am told my unit experienced a "catastrophic failure." A completely new auger system will have to be shipped out to me. And just to be clear, there was no jam in the auger tube or bent auger. My shear pin was still in and very much intact. Good news, my JB is under warranty (remember I just got it 30 days ago) so I don't have to pay a dime, bad news all that food I was going to BBQ/Grill for friends and family is gone out the window. What made me more unhappy was this same day, I made my final payment for the JB so she was officially mine. So for the 3 day holiday weekend, I got to look on my patio at almost $1k, worth of metal just sit there and do nothing. 


As far as GMG's customer service, they are top notch so I have no complaints here. The GMG rep felt bad so he threw in the wi-fi panel for free which is normally a $200, upgrade. However, I do believe if GMG had poor customer service they would have been out of business a long time ago. Can't sell cheap products along with poor service and expect to survive. 


So to sum up my experience with GMG, customer service is great but their products are cheap and unreliable; GMG's JB unit did not meet or exceed my expectations as a consumer. I still have another 3 days for parts to arrive, then it will be 1-2 days before I can actually install the new auger system which also means I have to do the labor on it. After I get it up and running, it will be sold. I've already purchased a new unit from a very respectable 100% manufactured in USA company. Of course this new pellet smoker cost more than double what I paid for my JB, but I've learned you get what you pay for when it comes to these things.


Green Mountain Grills, pellet grill

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