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Top of the Mountain ( pun intended)

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Pros: Ease of use, spot on temps, well built, Outstanding customer service

Cons: nothing on its cook ability, but I would like to see bigger wheels on it, to make it more maneuverable

The family got this for me for a birthday gift ( I chose it, they paid for it). I did not get the WIFI version. Got it home, assembled it (easy) and fired it up. The temp would not stabilize, it would scream out to 500 every time the burner lit up.

I called the service line ( after hours) and a rep was right on the line. we walked thru the scenarios. He deduced that I had a bad controller board and they would FEDEX a new one (WIFI) out to me ASAP. Course no cost.


A couple day slater I had the new board, installed it ( very easy), and went thru the start process. Worked 100% perfect, every time....and that was over two years ago.


With the WIFI, I can not only monitor the smoking process, change on the fly and even create cook plans. But it is also nice to be able to update the software when the company makes upgrades.


My philosophy  is not that products have to be always 100% perfect (that is cost prohibitive), but when there is an issue, how easy is it to contact the company and how does the company respond to resolve the problem....CUSTOMER SERVICE.


Would I recommend this unit to anyone...100% You Bet.


I have used this in the heat of summer and the dead of winter ( well below freezing), not a single issue since the initial one.

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Are you happy with the thickness of the unit?  I've  read a few negative comment on the thin walls. › Smokers & More › Smokers › Pellet Smokers › Davy Crockett › Reviews › accunlmtd's Review