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Dakotah Water Pack Sausage Stuffer

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Easy for one person

Cons: Jerky attachment

I just received my Dakota Stuffer today and used it to stuff 100 pounds for deer sticks. I didn't want to use water so I set it up to run off a air compressor. I set compressor output to about 30-40 psi. The shutoff valves that they provide with the stuffer did not hold air so I went to Menard's and purchased a better valve. I ran the stuffer off of a little pancake compressor. Stuffing tubes with the air worked awesome. After I did 100 pounds of cased deer sticks I tried the Jerky attachment.. That did not work out that well. I turned the compressor down more and still could not get the jerky to come out slow enough to work properly. I don't know if I need to put the meat in the fridge awhile to stiffen the meat back up or if I have to use the water to make jerky. I will figure out the jerky attachment soon so I don't have to use my jerky shooter. Other than that this works awesome. I wish I would of bought this sooner. I could of used it about a month ago when I made 200 pounds of deer summer sausage that I stuffed through my grinder. I recommend this stuffer to anyone. It is worth the money.



Pros: easy 1 person operation, no need to clamp or bolt to table, easy clean up

Cons: There are no cons

This is my first and only sausage stuffer I hyave ever had, except for stuffing a few pounds with my meat grinder/stuffing tubes, which I didn't like doing.


I didn't like the possabilities of water leaking in my kitchen so I bought a CO 2 cylinder, regulator and fittings to adapt to the Dakota. I use the CO 2 for the pushing pressure. One just has to remember that air compresses and the incoming pressure needs to be shut off a little before the end of the push as the built up pressure keeps pushing.


Once the desired push has been completed, I just open the opposite vale on the stuffer, releasing the pressure and stupping the stuffing.


I am so pleased with the Dakota sausage stuffer, I highly recommend it to anyone that wants a 1 person piece of equipment.


Pros: One person operation, no physical effort required. No electric around water.

Cons: No foot pedal

I've had this model for over ten years and make around 50 lbs. of kielbasa at Easter every year with it.  I used to use a crank model and my kids loved to turn the crank.  They turned into teenagers, so I needed to find a stuffer I could use myself.  I used a commercial hydraulic stuffer at a Dominics grocery store where my brother in law was a manager, and I couldn't believe how much easier it was.  I'm still mad at my brother in law for not thinking of me when they shut down their in-store sausage making operation and didn't give me a crack at one of those 100 lb capacity big dogs!  He said that they virtually gave them away--  but I digress.  This stuffer works on the same theory, water pressure pushes the piston after you turn on a valve connected to a garden hose.  It is extremely durable, simple as heck, works very quickly, and cleans up easily.  All of the horns, etc. are easily stored inside the stuffer and it takes up a lot less space on the shelf. 


I am going to try to rig up a foot pedal using one of those foot pedal water spigots that doctors use to keep from touching the faucet handles after washing their hands.  If Dakota was smart, they would offer one for sale. The bottom line is that, after ten years use, I am very happy with this stuffer for home use.

Dakotah Water Pack Sausage Stuffer

This stuffer operates on your home water pressure. The water pressure does all the work. Easy one-man operation allows the operator to control speed and filling by having both hands free. You can stuff any type of sausage with this 10-pound capacity machine.

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