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Cypress Ceramic Charcoal Grill / Smoker - NEW!

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #5 in Ceramic Smokers


Pros: Beautiful, durable glazed finish, more versatile than gas and other kettle-style charcoal grills, more efficient than offset smokers.

Cons: Not many after 4 years of use. None stand out. HInges are a bit rusty, had to change the seals, but after 4 years, I consider that normal.

I got this Bayou Classics Cypress Ceramic grill for Father's day in '07. I have used it to sear steaks at 700* dome temps(around 1100* at grill), but I use it most often for long slow cooks of pork shoulder and beef brisket. I have gone for 27 hours straight at 200-225* on a single charge of charcoal.

This is soo much easier than feeding an offset smoker all night.

I know some of the other kamados in the market can do this just as well as my Cypress but can you find them anywhere near this price? With this nice of a finish?

I have also made pizza, blueberry cobbler, bread, sate's and many other varieties of food in this cooker. Whole chickens end up crispy skinned and juicy. Seafood comes out perfect, quickly.

I guess the only real negative I can say about this cooker would apply to all the other kamado style cookers out there as well. This is not a quick, "fire it up and go" type cooking tool. It is much more convenient to throw things like hotdogs on the gas grill if that's the only thing you are cooking thaty night. However, if some are having steak, etc. then there's plenty of room on the side to get your dogs on there too.

I have fit 2- huge 9 pound Boston Butts on the grill before, plenty of cook space. This was the cook that ran 27 hours, most go for 20-22 hours.

Hope this helps some,

Shell Singleton



Pros: Easy to maintain temp, Even cooking

Cons: Clean up can be messy on smokings briskets

I bought this grill used for $200.00 as a mark down. The original owner used it one time and did not like it for whatever reason. I have to say this is the best smoker and grill I have ever owned. It does everything from slow smoking, grilling to fire baking. I ended up selling my gas grill and wood smoker.   I smoked (2)- 12 lb briskets and only had to add the lump charcoal one time during the 14 hour smoking period.     This Thing is Awesome!  This thing is very efficient   This thing is AWESOME! 


Pros: Ease of use, temperature control

Cons: None yet

I am very satisfied with this smoker!  Have seared steaks and smoked beer can chicken with excellent results.  Lights very easy and also can maintain a fixed temperature.  Reaches up to 700 degrees which allows for well-seared, juicy steaks.  Highly recommend it!  icon_lol.gif

Cypress Ceramic Charcoal Grill / Smoker - NEW!

If you believe that grilling is an art, you'll want this attractive and effective Cypress ceramic charcoal grill. It features insulating ceramic construction that lets you to cook foods with a small amount of charcoal. It allows you to precisely control the temperature, making it possible to grill, smoke or bake items at the proper temperature. Innovative design retains heat and moisture better than any other conventional grill and is sturdy enough for year-round use, no matter the weather conditions. Large 18in.-dia. grilling surface. Item is factory shipped.

Batteries Included0
BrandBayou Classic
Feature2 Ceramic Inserts
Weight215 pounds
LabelBayou Classic
List Price$750.00
ManufacturerBayou Classic
Package Quantity1
Product GroupLawn & Patio
PublisherBayou Classic
StudioBayou Classic
TitleCypress Ceramic Charcoal Grill / Smoker - NEW!
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