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Cowtown "The Squeal" Hog Rub

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Pros: The taste, what else!

Cons: Having to order it.

Long ago and far away in a land that is no longer an old butcher in a very small very cajun town of Eunice befriends my Pop while he was there. My Pop was there for a construction project and was living in the motor home. He made friends with the butcher buying meat for hos grill every evening. The butcher gave Pop a quart jar of spice me made for gilling pork. I found it in the kitchen cabinet unopened and heard the story. I tryed it, it was outstanding! So good that I asked my Pop to get "us" some more and see if he could get the recipe or how we could continue to aqquire it. Pop got one more qt jar.


About a year later,  I drive to Eunice to get more from this butcher. Knowing I'll sweet talk him out of his recipe ........ I get there go in some you guy was behind the counter and I asked for the butcher. Long story short, his Dad had retired and the next month after died. I asked about the rub, it was his personal rub and no one knew how to make it.


Nice story huh........


Back to Squeal, Squeal ain't the same but its the closest I have yet to find. Its definately a 5 star pork rub. I am going to order a larger bottle.


Pros: Sweet and savoury - general all purpose rub, excellent for pork, chicken and lower flavoured meats.

Cons: Not a very strong flavour when used on beef or game meats

My and my wife`s favourite rub. She uses it on everything - even French fries. Goes excellent with Pork or chicken, need a heavy hand for beef and game meats.


Pros: Has a taste that is great on many different foods.

Cons: I always seem to run out of it too quickly

I have used this rub on butts for about the last year. I have done over 400 lbs with this rub alwys get rave reviews on the flavor.


Pros: great on all pork

I use this rub on ribs and butts and it is AWSOME!!!! I used it on 40+ pounds of butts for a neighbors birthday party and everyone LOVED IT!!!!! I use it so much I had to move up to the 2 pound pack of it. P1080782.JPG

Cowtown "The Squeal" Hog Rub

Cowtown "The Squeal" Hog Rub Made in the barbecue capital of the Midwest, Kansas City, this "The Squeal" Hog Rub is also mouthwatering good on poultry. Garlic, onion, brown sugar, paprika, and natural smoke flavor make this rub a taste sensation. So whether you fancy pork butt or chicken breast, "The Squeal" is your ticket to winning that barbecue contest, or just winning the praise of your friends and family. Features: Available in 6.75 oz. shaker Garlic, onion, brown sugar, paprika, and natural smoke flavor Great on pork and poultry Model: CT00110

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TitleCowtown "The Squeal" Hog Rub
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