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Cowboy Hardwood Lump Charcoal (23288) Reviews

Positive Reviews


Cowboy brand is good. Must pick the premium and not the basic lump.


Pros: Great flavor

Cons: Expensive

OK....bad reviews here on the lump coal by Cowboy. This is the basic stuff that has a variety of woods in it and even some from untreated lumber mills. This stuff is crap. The trick here is you need to buy the premium. That is the good stuff. Its a southern mesquite. But simply a great flavor.

7 out of 10


Pros: Low ash production, can be found for $3.00 or less at end of the season sales.

Cons: T&G processed wood pieces ,pops and sparks

I started using Cowboy brand about a year ago. I buy it at my local Ace Hardware . i have also tried Trader Joe's briquettes and i still come back to the Cowboy brand Lump. It dose well in my Bandera  but works even better in my UDS.  I can get a 10 hour burn from 5 lbs of this lump. Yes it Pops & spits sparks when you first lite it and until it realy gets going

Negative Reviews


I'd rather have pine!


Pros: Available ar HD & LWS

Cons: Concrete? Whole logs?

The first year it was ok, after that it went down hill, BAD!   Coming from gas grilling to charcoal, I was having a bear to get Kingsford to light and the sandy texture to my food was awful! Someone suggested lump to me and low and behold, HD had Cowboy. Compared to Kingsford, it was awesome!   I'm not sure what happened but after the first year of using it more concrete starts to show up, then full logs in the bag, flavor went down hill. Like it had pine in it. They seem to be a small operation, customer service is pretty much non-existent. They did refund me on my last couple bags, and I did try them one more time. Emergency situation, late on a Sunday and realize we...
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Not as good as it used to be


Pros: Burns Hot and low ash output.

Cons: Inconsistant size of pieces, have found dimentional lumber in the bag

I have to agree with most of the reviews here that the quality of this charcoal has gone down hill since I started using it.  I found it very good at first with heat I could control easily, but not so much anymore. The size of the pieces in bag range from the size of a quarter to logs the size of my forearm.  I've even found what looked like a piece of 2x4 in there. The heat is not as consistent as it used to be.  I really prefer using lump to briquets so I hope Cowboy does some quality control soon.

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Don't get this Lump


Pros: Lights Easily, burns fast and hot

Cons: Foreign metal matter found in lump :-(

As I have started a thread on this particular matter, I will post that info into this review.   Thread in Question:   I had just made a coal basket, and performed some other modifications to my CharGriller SFB smoker.  I live in the Midwest (Omaha, NE), and quality lump charcoal is not easy to find around here.  I usually got Fire King from the local butcher, but they were all out.  So I ponied up some money and got a bag of Cowboy Lump.  The post below is my official review:   So, as others have seen on another post, I've just made a coal basket and some...
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Cowboy Hardwood Lump Charcoal (23288)


Pros: burns hot with little ash

Cons: short burn time and strange things in the bag

I have to agree with smokermark, there are quite a few better choices out there for lump.  The stuff burns very hot, but doesn't last and I used to find things in the bags that were definitely not wood.  Some of the items of wood looked like they had already been fabricated into flooring or furniture and I couldn't be sure that it wasn't finished at one time.  It is readily available in the large home improvement chains and elsewhere so easy to find and inexpensive, but you can find better.

Good value for shorter cook times


Pros: Easy to start, decient-sized pieces

Cons: Medium length burn time, lots of sparks

I've used Cowboy lump charcoal at different times over the years. It's a pretty good value for shorter cooks/grilling. However, for longer cooks or smoking there's other options that are much better. The quality is fair to good but it does tend to pop and snap quite a little with moderate heat and ash.  It's a good value for the money for grill use. › Smokers & More › Fuel › Charcoal › Lump › Cowboy Hardwood Lump Charcoal (23288) › Cowboy Hardwood Lump Charcoal (23288) Reviews