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Cookshack Super Smokers


Pros: Temp. Control, Loading, Digital Controls

Cons: No smoke ring

Started years and years ago with a $50 water smoker, then had a Bradley Smoker and now a Cookshack.  I just don't know how you can smoke your favorite meats any easier than with these units.


The digital thermometer is right on the money and a 90 degree day or a windy, snowy 20 degree doesn't make it any difference, due to the outstanding insulation.


If you have used other smokers, you will be tempted to use to many wood chunks with the Cookshack.  Follow the guide about ounces of wood, per pounds of meat before you make any adjustments based on what you think it will take.


Bottom Line:  I love it.


Pros: precise, solidly-built, excellent customer service, strong customer followership

Cons: too insulated for cold smoking, only holds 2 racks

This unit is reviewed on numerous sites as one of the best electric smokers on the market.  You can find other smokers that look the same, but if you decide to buy this, you will know exactly why it is the best.  Welded, heavy-gauge stainless steel, down to the latches and hinges.


It is expensive.


The accessories are also expensive (like seafood racks, a 3-rack rail system, and a stand).  The digital control are easy to use and extremely accurate.  Comes with a meat probe which displays along with the thermostat display.


I've used this when it was 10 deg F outside and it has no effect on internal temps.  On the other hand, the unit is so well insulated, it does not cold smoke very well when it is over 70 deg F outside, even with the cold smoke baffle and using ice.  The reason for this is the insulation is so good, that the heat doesn't have anywhere to go.  Cold smoking needs temperatures to remain below 90 deg F.


The unit can smoke (2) 14-lb pork shoulders (two on one rack), but the height is not sufficient to do 2 racks of pork shoulders.  If you are planning on smoking more than 30 lbs of product, consider the larger unit.


Cookshack units use very little wood and are extremely smoke-efficient.  3 oz of wood (about the size of your fist) is all you will need for 8 hours of smoking 30 lbs of meat.


I've heard criticisms of other smokers of the same size and shape around poor quality, door seals, temperature controls.  Cookshack is as near-commercial quality as you can get, but again the unit is around $750.  Look for stores that sell this unit bundled with accessories like covers, added racks, and wood.


Pros: easy peasy

Cons: wish I had 2 of them

I bought my Super Smoker 50 model used - from a Craigslist ad.  I paid 450 for it, and when I got it home (after the 8 hour round trip drive) and did an initial cleaning, I found out that the born-on date made it at the time 20 years old.  Apprehension as I "seasoned" it, then the first time I used it for an actual smoke all my fears, apprehension, hesitation and whetever else may have been lurking disappeared.


Easy to setup with simple loading of wood chunks, low-med-high dial left a bit of mystery, but over time I know what temp every spot has (using probes for temp measuring).  Truely a set-it and forget-it.  Did a butt the first time out and after 12 hours of low and slow it was AMAZING. 


The best part - I live in Minnesota, and love smoked foods in the dead of winter.  No problem with these super insulated machines!  -10f, windy and snowy doesnt phase it - no change in cook time or how long it takes to get up to temp.  Remember...this baby is 22 years old now and still kicks butt.


My choice for simple, electric, insulated were all here in the cookshack 50.  Newer unit are now digital, which gives easier temp settings.  Money well spent!


Pros: Easy to use and easy to clean up

Cons: No complaints

I bought a Smokette with a cover 6 or 7 years ago. Roughly a year later I added the storage cabinet to it. I could have easily paid for the Smokette with all the money I wasted on buying cheap smokers.  

The Smokette did not come with a pan to catch the drippings so I use an old cake pan. When I mounted the Smokette on the storage cabinet I had to add 3 flat washers under each leg so the old cake pan would slide in and out. The only problem I have had with the Smokette was when I smoke wings I would have to load it 3 times to get the job done (I smoke a lot of wings when I smoke wings).  

Last November I purchased an AmeriQue with a cover to ease my wing problem. The first thing I smoked in the AmeriQue was an 18 lb brisket. This was the first time I smoked a brisket and it came out perfect. I have used the AmeriQue every weekend for the last 5 months and I love it. I have had offers to purchase my Smokette, but I am still using it also.  


The Cookshack Spicy Barbecue Sauce and RibRub are adequate, but the Spicy Chicken Rub is far too salty and spicy, and I normally like it hot.

Cookshack Super Smokers

With ample room for large batches, the Super Smoker makes it simple for even a novice to smoke ribs, brisket and sausage for a large gathering. A highly accurate electronic temperature controller and meat probe (stainless steel only) that allow you to carefully monitor the temperature in the cooking chamber and the doneness of your meat without having to open the door. The operator's manual and cookbook include complete instructions on cook time and how much wood to use. All grills and racks are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Drippings exit into an easytoclean pan. Includes 5 lbs. of smoking wood, spice sample kit and fullsize bottles of Cookshack Spicy Barbecue Sauce, RibRub and Spicy Chicken Rub to get you started. Dimensions: 35.75"H x 20.5"W x 19.5"D. Capacity: Approximately 3035lbs. of meat. Available: Black, Stainless Steel.

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