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Char-Griller Smokin' Pro Charcoal Grill Reviews

Positive Reviews


Perfect first smoker


Pros: Super Affordable, Quick to Temp

Cons: Hard to sustain the temp, some hot spots

I spent some time in Texas going to grad school and became addicted to good smoked brisket and pork. Moved back home to MN and have been unable to find a restaurant here that can satiate my BBQ cravings. Last spring I made my first smoked pork butt on my Weber Kettle. It turned out OK, but I cooked the 7 lbs butt in just under 5 hours….WAY too fast. I had a very hard time keeping the temp down.  I have a nice shop at my disposal w/ most of the metal working tools I’d need to fabricate my own smoker so I started researching how I would go about the construction process. I was flipping through the Sunday paper early June last summer and saw that the Char-Griller Pro-Delux was on sale...
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Negative Reviews




Pros: Can smoke and grill. Can work for a large amount of people. Partys Ect.

Cons: Does not hold temp very well.

This is a good smoker for the price. As I mentioned it does not hold the temp. very well due to the fact that the lids on both fire box and cooking box do not fit tightly together. Modifications do help however. If kept covered and seasoned as per instructions. They last a long time. I have had mine for 5 years.

Great Starter Unit


Pros: Cost.

Cons: Quality, Heat Control,

This is a good unit to get started with.  However, it is nearly impossible to hold the heat for very long. If you get one, make sure you have a place in a garage or shed to store the unit.  The quality of paint is marginal at best.  

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Cheap, does the job


Pros: Inexpensive, good layout, can smoke lotsa food at once

Cons: Heat retention less than stellar, wheels break quickly

Got this to replace my Weber kettle (irreplaceable! but that's another story) for smoking large amounts of food. Two years later, I'm very pleased with it. While I know I could do better, I'd have to triple my cash outlay to do that... and it's not necessary IMO.   I did the standard modifications, but have found that the baffle makes you lose heat. And the exhaust extension goes a long way on its own to force temps to roughly equalize throughout the unit. So I simply use a large commercial cookie sheet as my drippan/baffle.   If you load the underneath rack with wood, it quickly breaks the cheap plastic wheels. I replaced them with lawn mower wheels. And during cold & windy...
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First smoker... LOVE IT


Pros: Ease of use

Cons: plastic wheels

I bought this as my first smoker. the price was tough to beat. Once you get used to the damper temp adjustment is easily done.

I'd buy it again


Pros: Great weekender smoker

Cons: Needs mods to make it better

I used some of the mods found here. I used sheets of metal as tuning plates and also made a damper by the fire box. In addition I used a dryer vent to add to the smoke stack, it forces the smoke to fill the smoker with smoke and then force it out through the added vent.

Reasonably priced, idiotproof.


Pros: Lots of room, easy to add coal and wood,easy to clean

Cons: A bear to assemble,

I've been smoking with my weber kettle for years, but this takes it to a whole new level. You throw some Royal Oak lump charcoal and the Maveric dual probe wireless temp gauge into the equasion and you can't miss. I love it!

Great starter horizontal smoker


Pros: Cheap ($200 with smoker box add on), works decently well, decent cook area and height.

Cons: Thin metal, smoker box paint quality, have to buy the smoker box separately.

My wife got me this grill. By far not the best, but I leaned a lot on it, and I smoked big turkeys, hams and pork butts simultaneously on this sucker. Came out so good I am on duty every year for the Christmas ham and turkey - and these were my first attempts. So you definitely can get good results and step into the hobby with this smoker.   Negatives are mostly heat/smoke loss due to bad seals, thin metal, and the smokestack is mounted at the top. I did the most half-assed mod to it by putting an old pizza stone in the bottom to try to act as a deflector plate for the fire. Maybe it helped with heat retention, I don't know. That's it. (good question: anyone experiment with adding...
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Needing help from the Pros !

I picked this one up yesterday for a great price. The guy I bought it from had used it maybe 6 times and had very little success with it. I made my first attempt with smoking on it today and I know it could have gone better. I had a hard time keeping the temp up. I had the stack open and the firebox vents open. It was like I just couldn't get enough air flowing through it. What can I do better ? How can I make this thing rock the meat !

Amazing Cooker!


Pros: Affordable, Spacious, Good Quality, Extremely Versatile

Cons: Could have heavier metal

I bought this smoker to be my starter unit, and kept it for 7 years. The only reason I parted with it was because my son wanted a smoker, and I wanted to upgrade to the Chargriller Outlaw which is the larger version of this unit. You can't go wrong with Chargriller, and their service department is amazing!

Great as a Smoker and a Grill.


Pros: Works well, cooks some amazing food, able to be modified for your needs.

Cons: It needs some modifications.

If you have any question on this Smoker/Grill just ask and you will find many of us that use it and would be happy to help in any way that we can.

good grill


Pros: lots of room

Cons: fire door does not close all the way

great grill. I need lots of mods though.

Mods Required

I purchased this off of Craigslist for $30. Some serious mods are necessary to make this puppy flow but for under $100, I cant  beat the price! › Smokers & More › Smokers › Horizontal Offset Smokers › Direct Flow › Char-Griller Smokin' Pro Charcoal Grill › Char-Griller Smokin' Pro Charcoal Grill Reviews