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Char-Griller Duo Gas/Charcoal Grill Reviews

Positive Reviews


Good Start


Pros: Not to Expensive, easy to use

Cons: Heavy, cheap wheels

I picked up this grill at the local Kroger when it was 50% off.  It weighs a ton and is not easy to transport, much less drag up stairs to a deck.  While we have only had it a week or so, it has been used almost every day for grilling and once for smoking.  I picked up the fire side smoke box at Lowe's along with a few things to mod the smoker side with.  So far I have been impressed, we'll see if it holds up and continues to perform.  Here are some pics of mine and the mods            

Char-Griller Duo


Pros: Cooking Choices

Cons: Sorry wheels

It's a nice grill giving you the choice of fuels to cook with.  The wheels are not big enough, and an additional set of wheeds or casters in the front would really help.  There is plenty of information on the forum to make this an even better Grill.

Negative Reviews


Char-Griller Duo Gas/Charcoal Grill


Pros: Cheap

Cons: Cheap

I was in the market for a Dave Klose when a friend of mine from TX recommended I start with something cheap first just to see if I liked it.  Picked this up at Kroger and mounted the side firebox.  It seals like a screen door, and any change in weather will knock it down.  I have mounted in an layer of lava rocks and water pan in the main chamber, and installed a burner under that as well.  I was thinking the lava rocks to help give it some mass, but they are really good at releasing heat, not keeping it.  Should have used a couple of bricks or pavers. It needs constant attention, and you can drive yourself nuts trying to keep up with it.  I thought of joining the two hoods with a pipe...
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Keep it in doors and covered, you might make it out with a 4 year smoker.


Cons: rust, thin metal frame, cheap parts, expensive

I owned this grill for 3.5-4 years before i gave it away on ebay. For the first 3 years i kept it indoors never gettign touched by the elements, yet the paint peeled and the rust started anyway on the smoker box. after the 3rd year of fighting to keep it clean i left it outside under a roof awning with cover, and it fell apart.  The small metal lip that holds the grill grates in place disintegrated, so i had to bore nuts and bolts through the metal to hold the grates. the flame flares disintegrated...  it didnt grill or smoke worth a dang. 
Target Shooter

Char-Griller Duo


Pros: Gas Burners

Cons: Overall Quality

Understand the wheel falling off. Mine did the same. The plastic bushing for one of the wheels cracked. I purchased a few to have on hand. I use both sides of the grill (no smoker attachment). The gas burners are great and certainly do get to temp in a hurry. Unfortunately, the Char-Griller is not well made. When I load the grills with fatty foods like burgers or chicken, the grease collects in the bottom of the fire boxes and on the inside of the lids. The thing leaks. Yep--drips on top of the propane tank and the bottom shelf. Worse, when raising the lids, a significant amount of grease drips from the back edges. I have to use something underneath the Char-Griller to prevent damage to...
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More Reviews


Char-Griller Duo

I think this is a good starter grill for the money, and I love the flexibility, as stated by others, in going gas or charcoal.  Also agree with the other reviewer who so eliquently (sp?) stated it seals like a screen door.  well put.  You still get smoke to the chamber, but it sure could be better.  I don't have any issues with the wheels, but I rarely move it - but can see where if you did, you'd have issues.   My biggest complaint is the size of wood that the firebox can handle.  Really small, and I end up using wood chunks vs. small logs.  I haven't had a huge issue with temp control as long as I check it every 10-15 minutes.  I usually have to add wood (since I'm using the...
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Cheap money, pretty good unit


Pros: Price, ease of modifications, quality for the price

Cons: cheap hardware, leaks heat and smoke

Ive had mine for a little over a year, we us it all the time. Stays on our back deck, uncovered year round, with almost no rust yet, in Maine.  BUT, I oil it every time I use it, Ive probably spent $25 in cooking spray, just for that. but spray gets in where brushing or wiping wont.  We got ours at Lowe's, and paid $275 with the side firebox, on sale.  Ive had grills that cost twice that, and didn't cook well at all. This one lets me do small scale smokes, rather than using a ton of wood for my big one.  The propane side is great for grilling, Ive never used the side burner....   Ive had trouble with smoke leaks from all the extra holes, and where...
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Bayou Piegon

Great setup


Pros: Unit has held up well. side burn to light coal and side box for indirect heat

Cons: coal adjustment or lack there of. small side box for logs

I have had this grill for years and have smoked well over 1000lbs of beef pork deer gator sausage fish you name it we smoke it in Louisiana. The grill has held up very well from the beatin it has taken from this Cajun cook over the years. I don't move it at all so i cant honestly say anything about the wheels. I do know that i DONT like the fact u have to open the lid and lose smoke and heat to adjust the coal level. Most time on long smokes i use the side firebox. Only issue i have with it is that it is rather small and can not fit good size Pecan log in so have to tend it more offend which i have found will flash your heat. With the cover side box i believe i paid around 500 after tax...
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Great with some mods


Pros: Good for the $. Easy to work with.

Cons: Needs modification

I purchased the 5050 (DUO) w/ firebox from Tractor Supply for $250. I'm very pleased with the smoker, but it needs modifications to stand up to the big boys. After assembly and testing, I realized there were many leaks with this unit. After some RTV gasket silicone I was ready to start smoking. Eventually, I modified unit a whole bunch more and I continue to do so a year and a half later. Below is a list of recommended mods for this grill/smoker.   *Note* This smoker does not transport well once assembled. The frame is not sturdy enough for the size/weight.*   Modifications: -Line the cooking chamber with fireplace bricks -Make a charcoal basket for the...
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Chargriller DUO with SFB


Pros: Triple threat (gas, charcoal, smoking)

Cons: Cooking areas too small, too many smoke leaks

For the money and to have the ability to choose gas, charcoal or smoke, this is a excellent choice.  I do alot of my veggies (potato wedges, corn, peppers, etc.) on the gas side while I'm charcoaling or smoking my meat.  With the addition of the side fire box, which the installation was quite simple, you can now smoke any meat to perfection (with a few mods).  The biggest drawback from my couple years of experience have been with the charcoal side chamber being too small to smoke alot of meat.  I tend to like to make smoking an all day experience, but you will be limited on the amount of meat you can put on it at a...
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Randy Morgan

Great smoker


Cons: thin metal on firebox and smoker, hard to maintain heat

I have had this gtill/smoker for over a year and I have made some awsome ribs, butt and brisket with it! Great for thr price.

I only had my Char-Griller Trio Gas/Charcoal Grill for 2 mo. but love it , so far it works great.


Pros: It smokes great,gas is on time for quick meals.

Cons: You have to oil regularly to keep from rusting

I love this grill, It's a must have grill, The first time I saw this grill, I said to my wife, I got to have this grill.I waited for it to go on sale(out of season sale) in Jan. and the rest is making history.
Gin Doctor

Char-Griller Duo


Pros: Grill side is excellent and some nice features

Cons: Smoke side is small

I purchased this grill and I have to say it is well worth the money. The grill side is excellent and will get to 600 degrees in a few minutes, dont know why you would need that high of temp but it is there if you want it. I would advise if you smoke a lot of meat at one time purchase the side fire box. There is not enough grill space for indirect cooking on the smoking side. In addition you can control the temp much better. If you are looking for a professional competition smoker this is not it, but if you are a backyard guy like me that loves to grill and smoke it is well worth the money. I see some postings on modifications to make it even better. This is...
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char-griller duo with side firebox


Pros: gas grill and smoker in one

Cons: thin walled metal smoker does not seal well

This is a all in one type grill.It has a propane grill on one side and a charcoal grill on the other that you can buy a side firebox to convert the charcoal side to a smoker.The propane grill works like a champ,it has three burners that are all independantly controled.The grill easily can heat up to 500+ degrees.The carcoal side comes with a big charcoal box that hangs in the bottom of the unit.It works good for a charcoal grill and has differant notches for the level that the charcoal pan sits for heat control.When you add the side firebox(79.99) you can now turn the charcoal end into a smoker.The firebox has a adjustable air vent on the side and on the lid of the smoker side there is...
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