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Char-Griller 5050 Duo Gas-and-Charcoal Grill Reviews


Good First Smoker


Pros: Cheap

Cons: Cheap

Weird, my original review of this from a few years ago has dissapeared.    Anyways, It's a nice set up for the backyard, half grill / half smoker.  I bought the sidefirebox for it.   The grill is great, it gets up to about 650 here in Denver.  If I turn the middle burner off and the two sideburners on low I think it runs at 250.   The smoker is cheap and needs a lot of help.    First off i went to home depot and bought two pieces of the expanded metal maybe 24" x 12".  I laid them out in a plus symbol, marked the edges, and pounded/folded them into big U shapes. Then I put the two of them together to form a toples cube...
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Good over all 2nd smoker


Pros: good construction, affordable

Cons: Sidebox separate, leaks some

I bought this in 2010 with the idea that I could do both gas and smoke. Overall is has been a very good unit. I left it outside all the time and never covered it, moved 3 times with it and I still use it to this day. It's not finally coming to the end of its days, all and all I got my moneys worth out of it.
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Great Grill, poor quality materials


Pros: versatile smoker with a gas grill, best of both worlds in one package

Cons: very cheap materials - does not last for long due to rust

Let me start by saying this was my favorite grill of all time and I currently own a PRIMO Oval XL. I also had the small offset smoker attachment which in my mind is essential for this rig.With a side burner you really couldn't ask for much more in a grill: Gas, charcoal direct, charcoal indirect, smoker and a side burner? fantastic! Everyone who owns one of these will inevitably experience serious rust to the point of the grill almost falling apart before your very eyes.  It will happen.  Until then, you will have one of the most versatile grill setups out there. Since they are fairly cheap, one could almost make the argument that you could just keep buying a new on every 3-4...
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great grill and smoker


Pros: low cost, great value

Cons: needs a table to prepare your meat, etc.

great value for the money. the thermometer is accurate.  I just wish it offered a table for extra room that is needed.
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Char-Griller 5050 duo


Pros: large, gas and q's, smoker, side burner,

Cons: paint

before use read the book, pre treat the grills as described. Then get serious on smokin some ribs. The fat and smoke will cure your grills perfect. make sure you swap gills from the gas side as well for smokin, by doing this they are now 2 years old and all I have to do it light it up give it a quick brush and they look like the day I bought them. I have never had anything stick to them except and occasional chicken skin if the grill gets to hot. The legs are just starting to show a few rust spots so this summer I will clean it up and repaint the legs with some good paint. (If you paint the outside of the cookin box or anything else that gets hot make sure you get the right paint for...
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Big Bang for the buck


Pros: does everything the small back yard BBQ'er needs to do

Cons: Rust easy and cover sucks

I have had this for this for 4 years and added the fire box to smoke with right away when I bought it too. You can smoke a couple of big butts or a medium bird on this thing. I am very impressed. As for the gas grill the pins rusted out and I had to weld new ond in to keep my burner up and level. I had to also steel brush and use grill paint a couple of times a year, but I use this thing a lot.It is my second kitchen, Enjoy!!!

Char-Griller 5050


Pros: Gas & Charcoal in one, smoke box

Cons: cover sucks

Great BBQ.  I got mine about 2 years ago as a compromise to my wife.  She doesn't want to wait for charcoal BBQ and I don't like to cook on the gas.  The offset smoke box is a great add-on, I smoked a great turkey this year using it.  I use the side burner to light my coals and that is quick and easy to use.   My only complaint is the cover that Char-Griller sells.  Yes, it doesn't come with it but it does fit perfectly over the grill.  HOWEVER, it sucks and you will have to replace it every year.  I don't store my grill in direct sunlight but it will get destroyed over the 

Love it


Pros: Cooking options - smoke, gas, charcoal

Cons: Some thin pieces are rusting after a few years

Bought the duo for the dual cooking capability. Added the smoker box later. Did the smoker grate mod. I'm considering a propane mod if I can get a handle on the rusted side burner and various other spots. This unit has everything I need and want.

great grill so far


Pros: solid construction, large, easy to ignite

Cons: no back stop

have only had this Duo grill for a short time, but have used the gas side a lot. it lights quickly, heats up fast and stays hot! the only problem with this grill is there is no back stop so you have to be careful or you will slide your burgers, chicken, whatever right off the back   also just got the side firebox for this thing and will be using it to smoke all kinds of stuff. just seasoned the charcoal side and it held the heat for a god while and it got up to almost 500 degrees with just a small stack of coals (and a smaller stack in the side box)   only bad things about this grill is the documentation from the manufacturer and that it takes way longer to put...
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